Monday, April 4, 2011

George Magazine - If I Were President by Madonna

October 1995. John F. Kennedy Jr.'s inaugural issue of George magazine that ran from 1995 - 2001. Cindy Crawford was on the cover, photographed by Herb Ritts. Madonna contributed a written piece in this premiere issue for the column titled, If I Were President.

All reminds me of the little ditty Olive Oyl sang in Popeye, If I Were President.


  1. Great flashback Pud.

    I have some Entertainment Tonight coverage of this somewhere on a vhs tape.

    I always wanted M to be on the cover. I'm sure it would have been an epic cover. Wonder what it would have looked like. Too bad the magazine is no longer.


  2. I agree with everything she said in that article except maybe for the Roman Polanski thing.

  3. i completely disagree about roman polanski.

  4. it's awesome that they chose to use that mega rare Versace ad image to accompany the article.