Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Madonna's Handwritten Girlie Show Notes

and True Blue was to go after Rain! and Live to Tell after Bye Bye Baby! Fabulous. xo


  1. ooooohhhh amazing!!!!! and a little strange

  2. replacing live to tell with i'm going bananas---i'd like to pick her brain on that decision!

  3. i love 'im going bananas' during the girlie show. it's perfect; light, fun, cheeky. i wouldn't change a single thing about that show. true blue amidst it all? bleh!

  4. Interesting. I'm surprised TB was considered for the show, doesn't fit with the edgy feel of the show. However, I expect it would have been a 're-invented' version so it may have been interesting. LTT would have been a bit of a downer in the chirpy latin section.

    I wonder how the bellhop costumes would have changed the LAV presentation?

    Love The Girlie Show... incredible show!

  5. Saw this on Madonnatribe...great stuff Pudwhacker, thanks for sharing!

    The Rain interlude was very True Blue may have fit in the show with a proper reinvention.

    But Live to Tell after Bye Bye Baby? Hmmm...I'm not so sure about that. Would've killed the momentum of the show, unless she planned to spice it into a salsa-inspired version (which would've killed the entire tone of the song).

    It's also interesting to read the original costume concept for Vogue...could've been pretty cool...though I do love the King and I inspired version that made the cut.