Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NME: @LadyGaga Has Monster Meltdown

Madonna looking beyond gorgeous in her Express Yourself video.

The Madonna Wannabe, also known as Lady Gaga, has a monster meltdown when NME grills her on Born This Way sounding like Madonna's Express Yourself.

What on Earth is happening on the right?

Looks like Lady Gaga is running out of free passes not only in the rock press but the fabulous Liz Smith let her have it yesterday regarding Judas.

Liz Smith article HERE


  1. Still on JUDAS: Besides the obvious fact that she planed on having it originally released on Easter week - which shows she intended to explore the religious theme of the song and stir Christian emotions - musically, Judas is also a rip off.

    The woman who calls herself "an artist" and "a songwriter" is already repeating herself. And paraphrasing Madonna herself: art is not about repeating yourself.

    Besides the obvious Bad Romance structure on Judas, what a lot of people won't know is that Gaga copied the chord progressions of a song called WannaBE, by Loli Lux. It's out there on youtube and everyone can check it out.

  2. The best part of the interview is when she started to CRY and said GOD sent her the lyrics for Judas.

    She's so crazed, she's buying her own bullsh!t.

  3. Lady GAG has diarrhea of the mouth lately! She actually believes Alexander McQueen wrote Born This Way and that after his suicide, McQueen began working through her. “I think he planned the whole thing: Right after he died, I wrote ‘Born This Way.’ I think he’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing.” Supporting Gaga’s claim was the decision by the label–not Gaga herself–to move up the release date for “Born This Way,” ultimately to the exact day of the one-year anniversary of McQueen’s death. “When I heard that, I knew he planned the whole damn thing. I didn’t even write the fucking song. He did!”

    She also swears her facial and shoulder horns are real: “They’ve always been inside of me, but I have been waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I truly am...They come out when I’m inspired.”

    That crazy bitch has access to some REALLY good drugs, that's all i'm sayin

  4. god this woman is so sad and delusional. its time for her to have a britny

    (shave head, breakdown,institution and then become a zombie robot)

  5. I was immune to gaga for awhile. she was just there to me. i really didn't care until she truly ripped off Madonna with BTW. Then the blood started to boil and I started to unforgive her for her obvious thievery of M and several other artists. This article just makes me feel a bit sad for her. Madonna would NEVER have broken down like that in an interview. Perhaps gaga is starting to know that the jig is over. Not that she will fall away, but the clock is ticking.

  6. her ego is unbelievable. i guess gaga, following madonna step by step, is the ultimate proof of how relevant and timeless M is.

  7. ok enough is enough.

    i love m and always will, but i enjoy gaga. only when you feel threatened do you start pulling out the knives. why so viscious and defensive? gaga is doing her thing - let her. madonna's legend is not going anywhere. all her hits are frozen in time. relax! and madonna has been copying other people's imagery for decades. oh the hypocrisy!

    some of you are quite pathetic, truly. and pud, please don't put your energies into this kind of article; it's wreaks of fear.

    @ Linda Loira e Japonesa - the only thing similar about those songs is something very subtle in the production. very weak claim. and don't use the words 'chord progressions' just bcause gaga did.

    @ slide - do you not understand performance art? of course you, she and i know her horns are not 'real'. she has a point of view and is just being conceptual about it. don't be such a bitch about it. aren't you involved in the arts yourself?

    @ liz smith - oh, so just because madonna explored these themes decades ago, someone born into a different generation who is probably experiencing the same themes is not allowed to express them in her own way in the now? and hey guess what, madonna is not equiped to explore the subjects you listed any longer, so why shouldn't gaga.

    for fuck's sake.

  8. and stop posting comparison pictures. it's so sad and only illustrates your desperation. what, madonna was the first person to strike that pose?

    sorry, i love you, but it's time to let it go.

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  10. "madonna was the first person to strike that pose?"
    in the mainstream pop scene i guess, yes, madonna was the first person to strike that pose. and generally madonna through the decades has turned alternative things into mainstream. even "glee" became a global thing after the madonna episode.

  11. @ evrybdygegeget

    "the only thing similar about those songs is something very subtle in the production."

    What songs? BTW and Express Yourself? No, hon. The similarities are not "subtle". They are heavy, loud and clear. That's why the entire world, Madonna fans or not, Gaga fans or not, music experts or not were able to perceive the similarities right away and it was highly discussed. Even Gaga mentioned "Madonna's approval" of her song on Jay Leno.

    Maybe you are talking about Judas and WannaBE, by loli Lux. This is even worse, because they have the EXACT SAME loop as a base. You are either delusional, or you are musically deaf - a layman for music.

    "don't use the words 'chord progressions' just bcause gaga did." Mmmm... for a guitar and piano player like me, the terms "chord progressions" and "scales" are pretty common-place. I think YOU are the one who thinks this is a different or rare lexicon.

  12. @ evrybdygegeg

    "madonna has been copying other people's imagery for decades. oh the hypocrisy!"

    Yeah, yeah...

    Like Madonna "copied" that iconic figure of a bimbo immortalized in a Classic Hollywood film for the Material Girl video, right?

    Madonna "copied" Classic actors from Hollywood's Golden Age.

    Madonna "copied" painters, painting, choreographers... bla bla bla...

    Yeah, we all know of Madonna's "copies" as you call them.

    However, as you could see, Madonna "copied" Hollywood stars, choreographers, painters, people from OTHER ART FIELDS and applied whatever imagery she was interested in to her music and musicvideo field.

    After all, it's not a copy after all.

    Gaga is a female singer who copies the imagery of OTHER FEMALE SINGERS: Madonna, Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones... she does what other people on hthe same field as her have done, male or female, David Bowie and Elton John, anyone?

    You are really sick and delusional if you think what gaga does is the same as Madonna. You are a poor, shallow mind. Get a life.

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  14. @evrybdygegeget - yea i get performance art (ever heard of matthew barney??) and gaga is a goddamn copy machine, so if u really wanna defend her badly, and look like an informed idiot, go for it... defend your copy machine. monkey see, monkey do. yawnsville. but if u wanna make a point, back it up with some juice, little monster.

  15. @ slide I LOVE Cremaster. OMG! So happy you also know it.

    @ evrybdygegeget

    Actually, Gaga's horns are EXACTLY THE SAME Alexander Mcqueen put on her models's faces in Oct. 2009, for his Spring 2010 collection.

    What I think it's funny is that, Lady Caca released her song Bad Romance at that very fashion show, the name of the album was FAME MONSTEr and that's when she started with the whole monster theme.

    For the Bad Romance video, at one point, she donnes the outfit, the shoes AND the hair as THIS model on the runway:

    However, she did not donne the facial horns until after Alexander McQueen died. Actually, she just started wearing them, in 2011. Those deformations would have been much more fitting on her Monster era, the previous album. Which makes me think Alexander McQueen didn't want her to have her face like that, she already wore the clothes and shoes and had the same hair. I think didn't want her to be a total "replica" of the models on the runway. But then, now that he's not here to say NO, she's donning the horns on her face, just like these models here:

    So, yet again, every little thing about Gaga can be traced back to someone else. There's nothing at all original about her. having inspirations is one thing, but not having anything at all being truly yours is just pathetic and sad.

  16. @ Linda Loira e Japonesa

    so madonna copied artists from other fields and not from the music industry and this makes her more immune to criticism - is that your defense? then you go on to criticise gaga for borrowing from mcqueen, who is not in the music industry. that's interesting.

    madonna still copied. copying is copying. she was just more canny about it perhaps (borrowing from the underground and regurgitating it for the masses). if gaga is so brazen to find inspiration in her own field then that is a risk she takes. i think she is creating interesting pop music in the meantime and im not overly concerned with it any longer - though i am fully aware of her stylistic and musical references (i am a big admirer of grace jones and roisin murphy, who has also borrowed heavily from grace, but would you tar her with the same brush?).

    i just don't see gaga as a threat to m, as i sense some of you do. m is untouchable. those in the know understand the sources of gaga's inspiration. i've never considered gaga an out-and-out original (nor M for that matter), but i enjoy her spin on things. i enjoy the fact she is inspired by the same things i am, even if sometimes the nods are blatant. i respect the fact she is informed, deep thinking, musically trained and creates pop music that makes me move and think. i have never been able to say the same about britney spears or kylie minogue (who are more vacant and so could never be a real threat to M). if a beat or hook makes me wanna dance, how can i deny that?

    there is not doubting that gaga has turned the music industry on its head over the past few years. why do you think that is? and there is nothing i loathe more in pop culture world than a lazy, uninformed popstar and gaga is certainly not this. why can't you and other haters appreciate this about her?

  17. To be fair to Gaga Pud, you left out the part where Liz advised Madonna to steer clear of dance pop and aim for the ballads for her next album. I love Madonna too, but damn give Gaga a break. It's not like Madge never had a song sound similar to another artist's ("Like A Virgin's" bass line was extremely similar to "Billie Jean's", "Material Girl's" beat sounds like the Jackson 5's "Can You Feel It," and "Justify My Love" was basically Public Enemy's "Security Of The First World" with synthesizers and Lenny Kravitz's vocals on top of it). Hell she even sampled herself (to fabulous effect IMO) for "Deeper and Deeper," for those who are flogging "Judas" for sounding like "Bad Romance."

    @Trey: If I remember correctly, Madonna did tear up for her US Weekly interview back in '91, came across as kind of defensive in that Details interview in '94 and on Primetime in '95. She didn't have a meltdown, but she has had her vulnerable/uncomfortable interview moments. David Letterman anyone?

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  19. evrybdygegeget, i mostly agree with about 93% of the stuff you have brought up in your arguments. i doubt madonna views lady gaga as a huge threat, nor do i think she sits around with her friends, bitching about how much she (lady gaga) has "stolen" from her career.

    i mean, as usual, WHY do we always have to pit artists against artists, especially female artists in the pop-entertainment field? i think it's sexist on many levels, and not to mention, a waste of emotions.

    if you don't like lady gaga, fine, but going on and on and perpetuating the "lady gaga steals all of her ideas from madonna!1!!!!" argument is completely pointless, in my opinion. move on, don't buy lady gaga's music, and just be content with the fact that we all know madonna is the QUEEN and always will be.

  20. @Kevin Madonna pays the rights to use samples.

  21. it is so funny how when gaga sucks its called performance art. i love how her record company has given a list to some bloggers( the vile oerezhilton for example) to say words such as "EPIC, ANTHEM, PERFORMANCE ART" when ever her name is mentioned. she is none of the above. she is just a mediocre over hyped over praised really not that talented singer who is being pushed down everyones throat. people and the media are starting to see the truth and she is pissed.

  22. @Linda Loira e Japonesa - you're fukkn rad!!!!! my new favorite blog head. nice CSI work!!! the cremaster cycle rules. now THAT is a performance artist. back to subject.. funny thing about those horns... they actually look pretty damn good on a model. that's another thing about mad vs. gag... mad is a mesmerizing beauty. in my eyes there is no threat whatsoever. all hail the queen. let's get unconscious honey...

  23. Meh...I like that Lady Gaga is inspiring young kids to get out there and do their thing. Madonna inspired the same thing for a generation. But at this point, Lady Gaga's hijinks are feeling tired and boring.

    It's overexposure at this point for me.

  24. Do people know the difference between a homage and outright stealing someone's ideas. The Material Girl video was supposed to envoke Ms. Monroe. That's call a homage. Also, if you are actually paying attention to that video she ends up rejecting all of it.
    Anyway, I feel that Lady Gaga borrows way to heavly on iconic images of major music artists from the past 40 years.

  25. seriously, a majority of y'all are acting like madonna does know wrong, or that she herself has NEVER been guilty from stealing within her own field (and i never understood that argument), having to settle cases out of court.

  26. @Jeremy: well, that's certainly not the case on my end. I feel Madonna has made plenty of crap projects, videos, songs, etc.

    Some Madonna fans on here REALLY need to lighten up about Lady Gaga. I mean, Madonna ripped people off left and right throughout her career...paying "homages"...sure, but at times, they were just direct rip offs, and you know what? It's fine. She made them feel fresh and new, and that's part of why she didn't get so much crap for it I feel.

    With Lady Gaga, it's a different situation. People have a lot more access to see the references she's using (unlike Madonna, who often used references that were a bit obscure and underground). So when LG decides to "copy" something, or whatever, it just feels a lot more...well, obvious.

    Ultimately, I support her as an artist...and for inspiring her fans to get out there and do her thing. Like I said, it's what Madonna did for an entire generation, including myself, but I think LG feels incredibly overexposed nowadays.

    And taking a look at this clip...

    She needs to take a serious break. Creatively, and publicly, in my opinion.

  27. Cristian, thanks for sharing that vid, hadn't seen it yet. really touching. madonna would never allow cameras to see THAT, and for that i think that gaga has less ego to work through than M and more immediate humility. not saying one is better than the other, however. each woman has their own journey.

  28. @ Kevin - i would add to that list 'rescue me' being very similar lyrically and somewhat musically to deee-lite's 'power of love' (which came out the same year), and as slide mentioned in another article the song 'vogue' vs malcolm mcLaren's track 'deep in vogue'... the list goes on and on. point is, fans in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  29. note re my last post - dee-lite actually independantly released a video for 'power of love' in 1989:

  30. oh gee, express yourself not as original as people might think:

    per a fans YT comment: 'If you listen at 1:00 you'll hear the part that Madonna borrowed: Just sing Madonna's lyrics during that part and you'll see that it fits: "Respect yourself- you've got to make him- respect himself hey, hey, hey, hey"'.

    ps, express yourself is one of my top 5 fave M songs ever, but using this as an example for some of the fuckers out there to back off a little.

  31. this one is new for me. had heard about this sample years ago but didn't realise it was so directly lifted lyrically. first time hearing it: Sepheryn (Ray of Light) by Curtiss Maldoon -

    another music industry reference. but it doesn't matter so much because she made it more fabulous, right???

  32. The only problem? Gaga isn't doing 'her' thing. She is doing everyone else's thing and has nothing original to offer. She has zero star quality, zero stage presence and nothing to say. She is terrible.