Friday, May 20, 2011

The Beast Within - Reinvention Tour - Best Tour Opening Ever

Nobody Beats This Bytch

Madonna and Steven Klein's The Beast Within, is by far one of Madonna's best tour openings, if not the greatest tour opening of all-time. Merging an art exhibition with a rock stadium tour = brilliant. As my best friend Roy stated after the show, "It was like she was a star that had been dead for 100 years and she had come back to tell us something, there was a feeling of loss". I love that and couldn't have said it better myself. It was apocalyptic and insane and I believe that is why The ReInvention Tour has such a high ranking as fan favorite.

As seen on tour

...have tested those who call themselves
But are not
And found them to be false
I know you are enduring patiently
And bearing out
For my namesake
And you have not grown weary
But I have this against you
That you have abandoned
The love you had

Tour Backdrop

For the time is near
Let the evildoers still do evil
And the filthy still be filthy
And the righteous still do right
And the holy still be holy
I am coming soon
I am the alpha
And the omega
The first
And the last
The beginning
And the end


...And never forget it.


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  2. Outstanding!!!!

    It gives me goosebumps every time I see it!

  3. the video of it as it appeared in the show is spectacular - thanks for sharing - such high quality... it was completely overwhelming in person :D

  4. I know people who says that RIT is a shit... It's sad... :D

    It's my favourite, of all time and this opnenig have such a dramatic mood that is awesome

  5. For me it was the best opening of all her tours. Seeing live was out of this world.
    The show was good too (not my favorite tho) but the opening was her best ever.

  6. I remember standing upfront and having chills down my spine when the concert started. It's actually quite a simple tour opening, but it works and it works well!

  7. incredible video and photo shoot!! one of my best madonna eras!! so innovative and ahead of its time!! and what your friend said is such an interesting thought!!

  8. I remember when RIT came to Miami, I didn't watch ANY coverage so it would be a suprise when I saw it and when the first image of her sitting in the red Queen dress appeared on the screen I thought "WOW! Shes dressed in that onstage?!?!"..not realizing at first it was the Steven Klein photo shoot come to life....

    But as soon as she stated moving I got chills.

    The miami audience who just stood outside in the thunderous downpour of torrential rain was a bit confused to say the least.

    A bit scared.... and the video was doing exactly what it was meant to do


  9. Such a fantastic show coming after the horrific DWT. Love it!

  10. @MiamiBoy

    I was there for that show too and loved the opening! It scared my friend Kim who traveled with me to FL from TX to see Madonna again. She recovered and loved the show of course. And Tony, I didn't get to see DWT live (I tried) but I have to agree that RIT was much better than DWT.

  11. I couldn't agree more with you, Pud. This is the ULTIMATE opening act! It was beyond anything I could ever imagine. I had this fucking out-of-body experience, when I saw it in Lisbon. Even my sister, who's not a M fan but likes her, still remembers it today.