Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Sewer is Too Deep

That hair, that body, that filth - it's perfect.

How I wish we had this on the proper Virgin Tour release. Here's Burning Up from Dallas, Texas - May 3, 1985. Love the arrangement, love the uh - uh's, love the voice, love it all.


  1. It's incredible how in 1985 a concert, despite the lack of tech resources and all, manages to be much more interesting and exciting than what some "performers" do in 2011....

    It really isn't all about the visuals, it's about the energy within after all.

  2. She was so fabulous I can barely stand it. And Burning Up is still one of her best.

  3. Guy Osseary should really MOVE HIS ASS for the complete tours release on dvd & blueray!!! We fans NEED THEM!!! What's he waiting for??

  4. Anyone know why there were so many songs cut from 'The Virgin Tour' video?

    Would be awesome to see the tour they way it was supposed to be.


  5. I remember that night with tears in my eyes. I begged my parent's to let me go. "I was too young and wouldn't care about her in a few months". HA! At least some of my girl friends were able to go. They LOVED Madonna and do to this day. Sad memories of a brilliant tour.