Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bop Magazine 1986

Shot in Westwood, California 1986 around the time of Open Your Heart video filming.


  1. Holy fuck that's amazing!

    So wierd!!! Summer 1986? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stunning. The 85-86 transformation was the most amazing. The hair is great, never seen this picture before.

  3. This was such an amazing Madonna period.
    She was a short hair porcelain doll!
    Love the Malibu tan too!

    Ewww remember when Bridgette Nielson and Roxette
    Copied the hair syle. Back the Madonna was so in charge of her look.

    I wonder which wannabe will be coping this look soon?

  4. Dontlookback you are so right. If you compare a 1985 pic to one in '86 she looks like a completely different person, almost like she would never be caught dead wearing a buckle that said "Boy-Toy."

    I think that's what makes her so unique as an artist. Everytime she comes out with something it's almost always a progression from her "old" way of presenting herself.

  5. Bop! I loved that mag at the time. I would totally go with my mom grocery shopping every weekend so I could get the new Bop with a new Madonna pinup! My bedroom was covered with Madonna posters and pinups entirely until mid 86.Got into the new wave/punk scene and most of my walls were the cure,banshees,DM,Smiths,Joy Division,Bunnymen and the lot. But, I always kept my Madonna wall and shrine and loved her through all the questions!