Friday, May 27, 2011

Fab write up about Pud Whacker's Madonna Scrapbook in OMG! Magazine

...because Madonna has the most fantastic, devoted and loyal fan base for over 28 years! We will never give up and Madonna fans need to unite and make the presence of Madonna the strongest on the social networking scene. The Greatest Star That Ever Lived.

OMG! Magazine is a fab publication that serves the St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Key West, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale GLBT community. xo



    Social Media to the MAX for MADONNA!

    Ive have never been more motivated! i dont care what age i think it would be great if we all started posting on twitter, tumblr, blogs.


  2. I'm always tweeting about M. I just can't help it, and I feel like my followers get the message! They should follow in the Queen's footsteps too! :D

    And I must admit sometimes I daydream she's releasing her new album and twitter's gone mad talking about her, trending her for hours and days at a stretch...

    Long live the Queen, who's about to domain the net soon, that I'm sure of!

  3. you deserve it - this is the best Madonna sight out there - i go to it daily and turn all my madonna customers on to it ! send me cards/flyers and i will give them out at borderline music

  4. Congrats Pud! This is truly the best M site I have been to up to this day! Thanks for sharing and remembering and awaiting the next Madonna project with all of us.

    much love


  5. I check in on you every day. Whatever you do, don't stop!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. congrats pud, well deserved

  7. it was about time for the greatest madonna fan site/blog to get the recognition it deserves! congrats pud!

  8. Pud, you are the best! I check your blog 2-3 times per day. I always wait for something new and interesting and I've never dissapointed and never will. Keep going! Someday your blog will be chosen by M as her best fan site ever!

  9. Congratulations!! More to come, I am sure! xoxoxo

  10. When I worked for OMG! Magazine, it wasn't that I slipped in as many Madonna mentions as I could to include my favorite ... but moreso that her relevancy and influence on today's pop culture & celebrities was too uncanny not to constantly reference her.

    Long Live The Queen!