Sunday, May 1, 2011

Debbie Harry: "I Could Have Been Madonna."

No, slumber drug stump. No.

Wake up from the drug haze, delusional Debbie. Don't make me break it down for you from the 1976 Blondie/Blondie album until the advent of MTV. Blonde hair, a beautiful face and red lips a Madonna does not make. Dear Debbie, you needed all the ingredients and you didn't have them and it's not just the drive.

I feel kind of bad saying this because I've adored and loved Debbie Harry since I've been a kid but she's absolutely off her rocker if she thinks this is the case.

She's joining the likes of the farcks Boy George and Elton John - put here wonderfully by the brilliant Acko:

'For achievement in the field of throwing Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone under a bus for self promotion. To mention her name or comment
on her illustrous career for publicity reasons.' -
Acko 2011

The Article HERE

Another one from 2007 - HERE. ugh. so over her.


  1. Well, could have...but she wasn't. Not even close babe. Love Debbie, but she ain't M.

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  3. Why are Madonna fans so sour and defensive? First she was asked this question as part of a magazine Q & A. She didn't choose the question so the idea that she was seeking publicity is completely false. Second, what exactly was so bad about the comment? Incidentlly the above quote is not even what she said. While basic competence is too much to ask from the standard anonymous internet douchebag, she was actually complimenting the intelligence Madonna brought to her career, said that she missed the boat herself on that, and merely stated that maybe if she had been more thoughtful about her own career she may have achieved a similar level of fame. Wow. Shock/Horror. Is that really worth getting worked up over? (Given that she actually did achieve that level of fame in the UK and Europe, it isn't that far-fetched either.) And while I know this is difficult to process in St. Madonna land, not everyone is enamored of Madonna's careerism (see Justify My Love as a useful primer).

    Making mountains out of molehills reflects very poorly on the anonymous author of this piece and his/her hair trigger sensitivity. But to apply a bit of thought to the matter, where would Madonna have been without MTV, without the post new wave rise of 80s dance pop, without the post punk influx of a more independent female image into music that helped to make the idea more acceptable? Put Madonna's heydey in the 70s (Debbie was 13 years older) and it's likely she would never have made it at all. Would record labels have invested so heavily in her? Would songs such as Borderline, Holiday, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Dress You Up, Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, La Isla Bonita, Crazy For You, Justify My Love, et. al. have been written for her or given to her? Would she have worked with professional songwriters like Stephen Bray and Parrick Leonard? Would MTV era global stardom even be possible? To be accurate, Debbie could not have been Madonna because Madonna could not have been Madonna before her time. But don't try to pretend that circumstances had nothing to do with it and that Madonna was just such a towering genius. On some level she is also Milli Vanilli.

  4. Btw, Pub Whacker, having demonstrated poor reading skills and a woeful lack of knowledge about music and media history I (not to mention a questionable temperment and likely bad hygiene), why not identify yourself so that the world can appreciate your scary talent? It's one thing to be mean-spirited, but to hide behind an internet screen name is pathetic.

  5. oh ihasch - are you alright? talk about sour and defensive. what the f*ck are you on about? what do you want me to do - you want me to jump through the screen and jerk you off and smell your funky stink hole? im all up and through this blog - pertaining to MADONNA.

    EAT IT!

    send your pic to the email on the right. mister non anonymous.

  6. I love waking up to your blog Pud.
    You said it so well about Debbie Harry LOL!!!

    EPIC as always!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  7. Pub Whacker-Way to be an internet tough guy. You are simply a moron. And you look like a complete tool. And I still don't see your name. So a coward as well. So surprising. Oh well.

  8. jamesy - lets all take a moment and imagine debbie harry as evita.

    ihasch - somethings wrong with you and i cant assist. i mean that long winded diatribe alone. youre as deranged as per per debbie harry. i know youre obsessed now but keep it to a minimum.

  9. ihasch then we can't imagine where gaga would have been without youtube and internet in general. madonna was meant to be the biggest star of the universe. this was her destiny.

  10. PW-Relax. What do you think I'm after? My interest is solely in that the anonymity of the internet gives people a false sense that their opinions have no consequences, which leads to ranting, abuse, flaming, trolling, etc. If you signed your blog posts with your real name the end result would be much more thoughtful. Instead you come across like a rabid dog, or at least someone who is extremely sexually frustrated. And if I'm deranged vis-a-vis Blondie, what does that say about you regarding Madonna? You have a whole blog dedicated to her. Pot meet kettle.
    The point is your post is gratuitously nasty when it didn't have to be. The progression of pop stardom is actually an interesting subject. I'm not sure why Madonna fans seem so bitter and knee jerk in their need to strike out at anything less than unconditional adulation of their hero. You would think she is a big enough star already. And if you still feel so compelled to drag up an otherwise harmless comment in an obscure interview as fodder for your reflections, you still could have approached the matter without the blather and rudeness. Sorry if you consider what I wrote a "diatribe", but music is better than politics these days so excuse my preoccupations.
    If you want the last word, fine. Take it. :)

  11. I don't think that all of M's fans are quick to attack. However, there are now and always have been people who throw M under the bus for their own benefit, ie; Janet Jackson, Mariah sCary, Whitless Houston, Sad ee. They had no reason to say anything and each of them compared themselves to her with M being a tart, can't sing, flash in the pan, Big Mac. It has been nearly 3 decades and I still look forward to her music and her films. Even when she gives a bad performance, she is still far more entertaining than DH. BTW, DH was backstage at a WB gig and was handing out little plastic penises. I found it funny. The one she gave a little bag to did not. Just saying. I love DH!

  12. This is trite bullshit. I like Debbie and respect her, but she is not Madonna. So she thinks if she was of the mind to do what M did, she could have. Well she didn't. Madonna did. End of story.

  13. ihasch, i agree with a lot of what you have said and it's great to see you articulate your thoughts in a logical way.

  14. I didn't see ihasch say anything logicial?

  15. Ihasch,dont think every Madonna fan out there is defensive and blind,im not. Im one of those fans who adore Madonna but doesnt worship her blindly thinking that everything she does is great.