Sunday, May 1, 2011

Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Summer Songs - Borderline #9

9. ''BORDERLINE'' (1984)


The headlines belonged to Walter Mondale's slow death march against Ronald Reagan. But the airwaves succumbed to that poignant opening keyboard lick, burbling disco melody, and masochist-delight lyrics. If infatuation is an essential summer experience, then so is romantic frustration. Pleading while standing up for herself, Madonna scored her first top 10 hit and made romantic disappointment as uplifting as it'll ever be.


  1. Probably my favorite Madonna song and the song/video that turned me into the mega Madonna fan I am today. Saw the video in 1984 for the first time. I was 6, in kindergarten and have never been the same since!

  2. One of the Madonna songs that i hate the most with cherish and dont stop,those are my 3 songs that i always skip on a cd. Juts terrible. Cute video for "bordeline" tho.