Monday, May 16, 2011

Jeopardy - "Who is Madonna?"

Born This Way, by massive Madonna Wannabe Lady Gaga (a.k.a. Single White Female), is mistaken on the television show Jeopardy as Madonna. Ha!


  1. Sick of the lady gaga posts..used to love your blog but the constant hate on gaga is getting annoying. Why can't we just concentrate on Madonna? Its not like gaga is the first person who is influenced by Madonna and Madonna herself had her own influences. Let's put this to rest already and remember what Madonna said during an Erotica era interview ""if what i do is so abysmal and so boring then why do people keep writing about me and focusing their energy towards me?"

  2. Saw Lady Gaga's Radio 1 concert last night. She has an amazing voice. The dancing isn't great. She's a strange shape, she looks a bit odd. She's clearly a bit 'touched' in the head. And she's nothing like Madonna.

    Singers have been compared to Madonna for 25 years. The difference now is that Madonna's interests lie elsewhere. As this blog shows nothing takes away from all the brilliant things she has achieved. Let Gaga do her thing too.

  3. Shut up both of you. Lady Gaga gets a good punch in the snout on an occasional basis here at Scrapbook because she deserves it. Every Madonna outlet online has been taken over by little bitches who don't care about music or artistry...They just want to relive what others got to live first hand or relive what they had and no longer have because they spent too long chasing cock on manhunt, devouring American Idol and real Housesluts of Wherever or emptying the ice cream tub late at night. Lady Gaga is only relevant because she's been chasing Madonna's used tampon strings for the bulk of her short public career. Hopefully she will just hurry up and choke on one. Then we won't have to reference her ever again other than as the has-been she is destined to be.

  4. lol, I had been trying to find the right term to describe Lady Gaga's sociopathic behavior and you nailed it, SHE IS JUST LIKE SINGLE WHITE FEMALE. Same thing, totally crazy and pathetic.

    I saw her HBO show last night and I think it is the most pathetic, horrible and cringeworthy show I have seen IN MY LIFE. It's awful. Everything about it, from her choreography, her singing, everything has the same cohesion and sense an aneurism has, in other words, none.

    And it is so sad, so sad to see Gaga hijack Madonna's legacy and to use serious topics like bullying and homophobia to simply aggrandize herself, she even went as far as saying that girls used to bully her on the show, when she was in fact, quite popular in school, it's pathetic.

    But the saddest thing is that, Lady Gaga has succeeded in obliterating Madonna for AT LEAST two generations, my own(I'm 28) and the next that follows, and maybe the next after that too. Madonna fans may want to deny it all they want, but young people today have no sense of Madonna. She doesn't even register for them and they truly feel Gaga is a revolutionary artist who has invented the wheel.

    Now, I do not know what Madonna's view is on it all or her career, but I do know this, if she wants to make a comeback and be relevant once again, she needs to do something big and DO IT NOW, because she won't have any chance to stand against this gaga monstruousity.

    The rules of the game have changed and if Madonna wants to be on top again she needs to drop her wannabe Ingmar Bergman, faux Garboesque Kabbalah lunatic stint and GET REAL. If she wants to simply live off past glory and be a has been then BY ALL MEANS keep on with the faux Garbo shit.

    It's devastating, I never thought it would end this way. I always envisioned Madonna being like Elizabeth Taylor, that is, being relevant till the end. Even when Liz Taylor's movie career was over, people still obsessed over her because she was still interesting, you really can't get through any 80's or 90's tabloid without Liz being on the cover or the cover's headlines. In contrast, when was the last time Madonna was featured in a tabloid cover, let alone a major news outlet?

    Entertainment Tonight couldn't get THROUGH A SHOW without mentioning Madonna, and she would bump "serious" issues like war and the economy out of the headlines with her personal life in the same way Liz Taylor would bump them into oblivion as recent as early 2000's.

    Now, whenever Madonna makes the news is in a sour note, like her MJ Eulogy at the VMA's, that was basically mocked by everyone.

    Not only did I not imagine Madonna's total present irrelevance, but I also thought Britney was going to succeed her, boy that was a mistake. Gaga is the new successor?? it's tragic.

  5. sabrina - lick a cheese dong. this is an online madonna scrapbook. if you dont like it or are bored of it - focus on the myriad of other posts i do - for example take time and read the wonderful TIME magazine article under this one that I took time to scan for people like you and comment on that. this entire place is dedicated to and for MADONNA FANS. xo

    alexander christ - :thumbsup: ha! xo

    ramon - xo

  6. @Ramon: I appreciate the sentiment you describe and you have valid points, but I think the fact that Madonna has avoided becoming tabloid fodder as she ages is more testament to how she is greater than even the great Taylor. She isn't lost in an uncontrollable interest in her life, even if it is still very much there every step of the way...Think about the Met Gala. It's not like she showed up and walked the press line unnoticed. She was the only one anyone really cared about, so much so that she arrived and had the entire red carpet to herself, like she was arriving at Cannes, while all the other A-Listers scrambled not to be caught sharing a shot with the person in front of them. I think Madonna has carved out a very strong boundary around her private life and only puts herself on display when she chooses. In today's celebrity culture rife with nothings and uber-nothings, she has understood that making herself rare and inaccessible is in fact what makes her a legend of mythical proportions, and not the goober her management tried to make her when booking her on Rosie and the Nickelodeon Awards in the late 90s. She might not be the current obvious flavor of the month, but she is still everything to anyone in music, fashion and art. She transcends the pedestrian nature of todays culture, which is why Lady Goober tries to invent some sort of mirror while deflecting all at once. She is trying to bite a little of her myth, and it has worked to a degree. However, when you see her booking wannabe interviews for French TV with Gaultier, ripping off Madonna's performances (and occasionally her music), then emulating all kinds of 80s sonic horrors that most people have tried to forget for decades under the guise that she is a creative genius because she's figured out how to recreate in Protools or Logic what people were doing on a cheap Casio keyboard back then, you are reminded that she lives in her shadow no matter what she does...Because she is an imitator, not an inventor. Madonna's type of fame, her legacy, her ambition and her charm all stand independent of anyone else's. Everything in the world of fame and the rock and post-rock era can be separated by its mere position in relation to Madonna. Some will dismiss this as the arrogance and desperation of a fan's warped desire to hold on to a bygone era. I beg to differ. It is still very much the case. The only difference is that today, youth consumption is based upon the immediacy of access and the absolute discarding and ignoring of all that has come before, thus leading to the banality of disposability that everything carries. Madonna has been smart to remove herself from the ranks of current pop queens and focus on where her passion lies because her casual fanbase has proven itself fickle and warped. That said, I can assure you that when she returns to music, enough time will have passed that even if mass commercialism eludes her, she will be welcomed either out of nostalgia or out of respect.

  7. well before Madonna, and this she said herself on the cannes interview pud posted some weeks ago, there was the assumption that stars had to cloud themselves in mystery to garantee(sp?) attention, like Garbo, the logic being that no one really cares about seeing celebrities waking up in the morning with no make up or having their throats checked, with Truth or Dare Madonna proved that the public's thirst for stars is unsatiable, to the point where we want to know even the most intimate things about them.

    I don't think that Madonna now, has created a shield around her, I think her kabbalah obsession has removed her from the real world and I think people just don't care about her anymore. At all.

    Sure the Sticky and Sweet tour is the highest grossing tour ever, but who cared about Hard Candy? what was its impact? The success of the tour may give Madonna a sense that she is relevant still, however, the days when she provoked discussion and had AN IMPACT on society's development are pretty much over, and I don't think she knows it, nor is it what she intends.

    To eloquently put what I think Madonna's current predicament is, I will reference a quote by the late Great Maria Callas who once said something like "When my enemies stop hissin' I shall know I'm slippin'"

    I don't think anyone has hissed about Madonna, let alone hyped about her, in almost 10 years.

    Of course, artists can't always be popular, but there is Fame, which millions have achieved, and then there is Ubiquity, or shall we say, Omnipresence, and this is reserved for only a few, like Virgin Mary, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and others, and once it's achieved, it's the testament of true immortality, these people are not forgotten and are multigenerational, they are in short, FOREVER.

    Madonna used to be omnipresent, but I see how new generations have no reading of her, she doesn't even register in any way, shape or form, and I wonder if she is destined to be forgotten, like many a famous iconic person that didn't survive past a century.

    In the end, it doesn't really matter because we are all going to die, I just NEVER thought that Madonna would ever be irrelevant, let alone obscured my a MASSIVE, TROLL MISERABLE WORTHLESS TROLLOP like Lady Gaga. Never in a million years could I have predicted this.

  8. But Lady Gaga has at least to be attributed the accomplishment of continuing a legacy of Madonna-hating. All of her fans seem intent on disproving Madonna's accomplishments and her legacy, while only creating further ado about the true subject at hand. I will respect your feelings that Madonna could possibly be forgotten as anything is in fact possible until it doesn't happen. However, to refer to your quote by Callas, it proves there is still an awful lot of hissing, and I suggest you look at Drudge Report, Gawker, Perez Hilton, Daily Mail, The Sun and the likes (and these are only the superficial tabloids, not the respectable outlets) more regularly to see that there is a steady supply of Madonna outrage and bashing. Peace.

  9. Ha ha.

    Ahh well. Goes to show how strong the Madonna/Lady Gaga connection has become. Good thing? Bad thing? That's debatable.

  10. Ramon the new generation DOES have a sense of Madonna because in every little thing Gaga does there is a Madonna reference.
    Before 2008, when Hard Candy came out, Madonna was INCREDIBLY relevant (Confessions era). A not so good album (HC) is NOT the end of a career and Madonna knows it better than anyone! She always had her ups and downs as a REAL and CREATIVE artist that she is. So what?
    Μadonna will NEVER be forgotten because she's a fucking LEGEND, like elvis, mj and the beatles. M is already a part of the History of Music, but she's not history.....yet at least.

  11. Rumour is MADONNA WILL BE ON OPRAH'S LAST EPISODE (May 25th) to show a clip of W.E.

    Have you guys asked Guy Oseary on twitter about it?

    Let's flood him with the query and see if he replies.

    And do not forget folks, we're going to CELEBRATE when W.E. gets premiered here:


  12. Sabrina said...
    Sick of the lady gaga posts..used to love your blog but the constant hate on gaga is getting annoying. Why can't we just concentrate on Madonna? Its not like gaga is the first person who is influenced by Madonna and Madonna herself had her own influences. Let's put this to rest already and remember what Madonna said during an Erotica era interview ""if what i do is so abysmal and so boring then why do people keep writing about me and focusing their energy towards me?"

    @ Sabrina

    The two don't even come close.

    You don't have to remind us that Madonna had her influences, we all know that. Pud Whacker's posts is FULL of articles about her influences.

    The difference is: Neither Madonna, nor her fans have never tried to hide her influences, and they are influences: Madonna chews them, eats them, and spits them out her own (that's the notion of artistic anthropophagy you seem to ignore).

    There's a huge difference between Madonna's influences from Gaga re-doing what Madonna has done - copying imagery, music and even publicity stunts, and at the end of the day, posing as original or lying about it.

    @ Dontlookback did you see her [Gaga] playing the wrong notes of her own song in "edge of Glory"? LOL... I always laugh at people who say she's talented because she plays the piano - ignoring the notion that playing an instrument is a skill (not a talent). Gaga made a mistake THREE times during one single song at the BBC Radio 1 weekend! Some "talent"!

  13. @ Ramón H.

    I understand your frustration but I disagree to some degree.

    The fact Madonna is mentioned every time a new bitch comes up in the music scene shows how relevant she still is.

    However, things have changed a lot since she last released an album, she'll have to work as hard as a newcomer to achive commercial success and maybe a top 5 in the US.

    The music scene changed completely since 2008 - when iTunes finally surpassed the sales number of physical albums and singles and YouTube's VEVO became the new MTV.

    The perfect Madonna promo tour that would secure commercial success in the US would be the following:

    Madonna will definitely have to promote her next album to the extent she used to do in the old days.

    She'll have to SING on TV, and not only sit and talk to "Letterman" and not talk about the album. Her talk-show promotions are usually the host holding her album, saying it will be released in a particular date, then he calls her on stage and they don't talk about the album anymore.

    To achieve success now, she'll have to SING LIVE on TV (and I think Madonna thinks she doesnt have to do it anymore)- SNL will do great.

    She'll have to fly to LA and do Ellen (and sing on her show) and hopefully go to Leno and SING there too. In NY, she'll go to Letterman - the ideal promo would be showing up just to sing her first single (and not sit and talk) and a week before the album is out, she goes back to his show and just give an interview. Oprah will be on her OWN by then and Madonna would performe at least two songs - like she did during the Ray of Light promo.

    MTV is over. The new MTV is YouTube's VEVO. Gaga's team knows it. The same way Madonna used MTV in the 80s, Gaga uses the "new MTV" VEVO. Madonna will have have her own VEVO channel and pay to have her video advertised in other unrelated videos (same way Caca's Born retarded comes up as "paid advertisement" on your right-hand side even when
    one's watching a R.E.M. video on youtube).

    Madonna will have to do nightclub performances again. At least FOUR: One in the USA (broadcast on TV and on the internet), one in London (or Paris), one in Tokyio (or somewhere in Russia, or China - she hasnt been there yet) and, if she is smart, one in Brazil (maybe THIS one should be broadcast worlwide).

    If her team is well organized and smart, she will also have deals with internet companies and Tv networks in every continent she goes: Having local deals with radio stations in Brazil, Japan, US and England (orwherever she goes with a promo tour) and have them broadcast locally her little promo-show will generate local buzz and make people look their "local" videos up on youtube.

    Last time Madonna worked "hard" promoting an album was for Confessions. She sang on TV shows throughout Europe (England, France, Germany) and Asia. Her mistake was not taking a plane from London to New York for three days and performed on SNL the two songs she was doing all over Europe and Asia - Hung Up and Get Together. It was already rehearsed, the band was great, her dancers knew what to do. All she had to do was get on a plane and cross the Atlantic. Performinh Hung up and Get Together on SNL would have secured Hung Up as a TOP 5 hit in the US - maybe #1 and not a #8 on Billboard's Top 100.

    Having a TV crew follow her "surprise appearances" on nightclubs around the world would result in a documentary that would be shown on primetime TV - still on the first month of promotion.

    Madonna will have to get off her throne and mingle with the common people to get her name (by herself) back to the headlines and not in association with MJ, Gaga or Britney.

  14. Anyone who thinks Lady Gaga has a great voice must love XXXtina Aguilera, because they so8und identical. I happen to think both have good voices, but overuse them, making them at times, unlistenable.

  15. Less we forget that Madonna is 52 and has done EVERYTHING already? She has no throne to protect and nothing to prove. She has already shown the world everything and has already proved herself, beating, making and selling records.

    There is no competition and would I lover for her to do all that promo for a new album? Hell yeah! But she won't, nor does she have to.

    Again, she is not in competition with anyone.

  16. I would love Madonna to do all that kind of promotion but sadly she wont do it because she doesnt care anymore.

  17. some of you write too much. i don't read half the crap on here. two words - edit yourself.

    so the middle-aged contestant heard an unrecognisable female voice to a pop beat and assumed it was madonna. that's a great example of the simple-mindedness found in some of you gaga haters here - you see gaga and jump to conclusions.

    i don't recall m fans ever feeling so threatened by britney. but then savvy, talented, passionate gaga came along and scared the sht out of you.

  18. Maar, correction. She won;t do it because she doesn't need to. :)

  19. this is a half madonna/half gaga blog right?

    well her new album just leaked:

    5 tracks in and brilliant.

  20. @evrybdygegeget YES! the new Gaga songs are all amazing works of art!! --->Marry The Night--->Perfection!!

  21. evrybdygegeget is delusional.

    I listened to the new album yesterday and it's terrible. Like 3 good songs, the rest are messes full of noise.

    'Highway Unicorn' sounds like 'Poker Face', that German song is shit (pun intended) and 'Americano' is up there with, 'Spanish Lesson'.

    Keep the dream alive for the next Cyndi Lauper... :)

  22. "Lady Gaga Tops Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List

    Lady Gaga has topped Forbes’ annual Celebrity 100 list, which ranks the richest and the most powerful celebrities in the world. She replaces Oprah Winfrey, who has held the title for more than four years.

    Gaga tops the list not just because of the $90 million she earned with the Monster Ball tour, but also thanks to her 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million Twitter followers."

    damn, what is she doing wrong?

  23. Nothing. She plays to the people with no self esteem, the ones who feel bad about themselves. The power bottoms.

    She is doing everything right.

    And this list is based on what they made the past year. Madonna hasn't done anything in the last year so why would she be on here?