Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Gaga's Creative Director Comes Clean on Gaga Being a Madonna Wannabe

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No, Really Laurieann Gibson? As If We Didn't Know.

Lady Gaga's choreographer (ha!) and creative (ha!) director, the vitriolic Laurieann Gibson, comes clean. I don't get it though - the movement represents Madonna wannabe-ism? That's been going on since Madonna's inception. But don't get too smug, Gibson - you two will have to pay the piper one day.

LA Times: A lot of her visual aesthetics have been compared to Madonna. As her creative director what are your thoughts on that?

Laurieann Gibson: Listen, [Madonna] should be bitter because I did it on purpose, and you can quote me. I did it on purpose because for all those kids who believe that you can’t, I wanted to let them feel that you can. And that’s what I represent, that’s what Gags represents. That’s what this movement represents.

Los Angeles Times article HERE


  1. I really don't understand the whole Lady Gaga thing. Maybe it's a new generation deal? After all I am 28, which makes me from the previous generation.

    First of all, it's all copied from Madonna, there is nothing new there. What's new is that Gaga is actually BAD. She executes everything poorly and what upsets me the most is her message.

    She keeps babbling on and on and on about self esteem and self worth, and being who you are and being "born this way", but there is nothing real about her. NOTHING. That is what she promotes but what she really represents is self-loathing.

    Think about it, this is a woman who is SO LAME and untalented as a singer and performer, SO UGLY and so hateful of herself, that the only way she could make it in music and the world was to completely anihillate herself and become something that is unreal. Does she even have a sex life? a boyfriend? an INNER WORLD?? How can she talk about humanity when she is not even human herself?? she has lost her humanity.

    It's ok if that was her whole artistic thesis so to speak, but it's not. Her artistic thesis is a carbon copy of Madonna's with sociopathic precision, but what actually comes ACROSS is this monstruous antitesis to everything that Madonna was and what Gaga prophesses to be.

    And people fall for it. IT IS SO FUCKING SAD.

    I'm glad I was touched by Madonna, who was REAL. And it pains me that she was so relentlessly accused of being fake but she wasn't she was real, even her stage name is real, yet this pathetic monstruosity is accepted and acknowledged from the get go?? oh my god.

    She is something new alright, but for the worse. Even past icons, I think about Marilyn Monroe for instance, who also trasnformed herself and in one life had two identities, she still was a REAL HUMAN BEING in the end, she even changed her name legally to Marilyn Monroe, but what is this bitch going to call herself legally? lady gaga? it's pathetic.

    Gaga may be human in body but she has no soul left, and it's pathetic, she's nothing.

  2. so she and "gags" are teaching kids to be copy machines?? how inspiring!!!!!

  3. That (her quote) doesn't even make sense! :-)

  4. What the hell kind of a 'statement' is that?
    So she did this for "the kids" to let them know they can...what?...wait...I'm lost.
    But is she actually saying that she is the BRAINS behind all this? :-D

  5. LOL..are we still on this topic? Who cares PUD! It's not like you are winning a battle or something.

    Laurie's quote doesn't even make sense. (btw I think she sucks at dancing and a bit loopy).


  6. LOL,,,um okay, i guess they all share the same pipe



  8. @themadonnablogturnedjoannegoober: I have noticed that you are always in here posting your two-bit enlightenment on all things Joanne and Madonna-related, and while you are certainly entitled to your opinions, I wonder why you feel you have the right to be so unjustifiably condescending in matters related to Gaga's perpetual Madonna-biting. Clearly you don't think Madonna has been at her creative or cultural peak for some time (I believe you mentioned a decade somewhere), which is entirely understandable given that you are so easily impressed by Lady Gaga's carnie whorehouse of horror...However, in much the same way that Gaga's Madonna-enthused detractors are told they should be stripped of their right to an opinion and treated as generationally-challenged or sociopathic, I would like to question with sincerity why you would devote so much time to the gorgeous blog you have created in honor of Madonna and yet voice so much disdain over a little healthy competition? That is what it is you know. A competition. It's a very unfair one because Madonna is leagues above the vile cheese-in-a-can version of pop that Lady Gaga puts out, but as long as she keep trying, there will be something to say, and it is infinitely more interesting to offer an actual opinion than to chastise someone else for having one.

    I'd like to clarify one thing for all those who question our opinion, taste and motives as critics of Gaga. While we often allow ourselves to playfully throw gratuitous, but fitting adjectives and nouns her way (snoutface, pigcunt, stealing whore, pancake titties), we only participate in the dialogue because we remain passionately devoted in our admiration of Madonna who is extraordinary, fascinating, captivating, and challenging by her mere presence in this world without even trying. To have this insult to art constantly held up to cultural standards that are neither appropriate nor justifiable without endless, intricate explanation and excuses is an open invitation to those who detect the bullshit because we have gone through a pretty long journey observing not just Madonna, but an entire industry. And while I don't want to brag, we are also, contrary to popular belief, not losers sitting around at home in front of our computers wondering where to twiddle our thumbs next. Some of us are artists and critics, some of us are high level entertainment executives,someo of us have partners, families, philanthropic endeavors, and some of us are just the real version of whatever it is that Joanne thinks she is. This is for our enjoyment, and so dismissing bringing attention to something that is Madonna-related and frankly insulting as it gets that has come directly from gaga's camp is preposterous. We care! Get over it.

    Btw, for those of you who also think that Gaga's team doesn't speak for her, get real. She is a product and can hardly roll out of bed without a group of people doing it for her. While I appreciate her talent and her drive, I think the product is messy, derivative and frankly pointless. All the talk about how her message is all that counts and basically eradicates any justification to question the essence of the product is just plain naive and immature. As Madonna admirers we have endured many chapters that didn't appeal to us individually or didn't seem to make sense in terms of our expectations and when we were children, we too went through moments when it was almost personal. That said, we were children. Most of the vitriolic Gaga loons are closing in on middle age themselves, desperately clinging to every last circuit party illusion of their youth as it fades away onto a path colored only by the ebb and flow of flavor of the month formulaic pop stars.

  9. @Alexander Christ
    are you talking to Moi?

  10. Yes, Miss Piggy! Ou peut-etre parles-tu francais? En tout cas, ra ra.

  11. You are so right with everything you said. You have my humblest apology my friend. I will refrain from ever writing on this blog again. Take care


  12. Gaga is the next Debbie and Tiffany. Not even worth talking about.

    Can't dance, can't entertain, good singer, but so are many others, not nice to look at.


  13. If Gaga wasn't entertaining, I don't know why she is selling out all of her concerts all over the world. and yes she does have a personal life and boyfriend, friends, and all of that, not that having a boyfriend is the meaning to your whole life anyway. And Madonna didn't do everything that Lady Gaga has done either. Might have inspired her but not the same. She is brave and has self worth, but everyone still doubts themselves once in awhile. That's just being human which is also being REAL. Not fake.

  14. Tony,you think if Gaga wasnt entertaining she would sell out shows around the whole world ?.
    I like Gaga and i think this kind of post are just lame,why cant we enjoy both of them ? I adore Madonna and she will always be my number one but Gaga is great too and very talented,whats the big deal with that ?. I believe a lot of fans are mad over Gaga being everywhere and Madonna just riding her bicycle around London instead od making a new album or something.

  15. I'm tired of the Lady Gaga is Madonna but worse crap. Lady GaGa has gone above and beyond what Madonna has done and yes, she does have a personal life. She's had a boyfriend for four years, she loves her family very much (Her parents go to every concert they can and she always hugs her dad after the show), and funny enough, The Edge of Glory came from the death of her grandfather. Lady GaGa sells out concerts for 60,000 people and makes records in terms of sales not to mention she's creative director at Polaroid, INVENTING new technology. She may be inspired by Madonna, but I assure you, she is truly herself.

  16. Between the two of them, Ramón H & Alexander Christ sum it all up perfectly! Very well said, both of you!

  17. Sorry, Gaga is a HORRIBLE live entertainer. Understand this: She. Can't. Dance. What does she try and do through her entire show? DANCE. Just doesn't work.

    She can sing and play the piano, which is what she belongs doing.

    Charlie Sheens tour sold out in minutes, too, but does that mean he is entertaining?

    I am a HUGE pop culture fan and fine tons of people besides Madonna entertaining and have tried MANY times to find Gaga entertaining live but she ruins EVERY live performance when she has tried to do anything but sing and sit behind her piano.

    "You and I" on Oprah recently, was a perfect example of a great live performance. That was entertaining and that is NOT what she does on her tour.

    My opinion.

  18. Madonna fans tend to forget that a lot of the negative stuff they are saying about Gaga today, has been said about Madonna too when she was coming up. It's all very deja vu.

  19. what a silly statement. plus, i'm bored by the self proclaimed madonna "fans" rather than than gaga herself. really. madonna is the pop culture herself. full stop.

  20. If her choreography for Lady Gaga was any good, I'd say...well, ok...if she's ripping Madonna off, fine, but at least she's ripping her off in a way that improves on it, or matches it.

    But that's not the case at all. Her choreography STINKS for Lady Gagag. The dancing is a big ol' mess a lot of times.

    And additionally, her answer makes absolutely no sense.

    She may be a "superstar choreographer" but she needs to get her head out of her ass. You never heard people like Vince Patterson or Jamie King say pompous things like this.

  21. in my opinion....madonna was much more spontaneous and even do some references where there...madonna is a real package, she always sweared and was a bitch and people still loved her cuz she created this character, while gagas media persona is more about the outfits and music.

    Madonna statements are much more personal in my opinion and thats why people related to them...she wasnt trying to please the masses...or please the gay...she was just followed because of just being herself...thats social impact.

    I never considered madonna the best singer or dancer...but truthfully she really had something to say that wasnt said before.

  22. angellovef, I don;t think anyone forgot anything about when Madonna first started. There is nothing similar about Gaga or Madonna's beginnings.

    People said Madonna couldn;t sing and that she wouldn;t last. She didn't sing well back then, but proved herself in many other areas of the entertainment world.

    Gaga on the other hand can't dance. That's a fact. She isn't attractive. Another fact. And she has zero star quality.

    Madonna being told she wouldnt last because she couldnt sing isnt anything like Gaga being unsexy, not being able to dance or entertain without wsiting behind a piano. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

    Gaga will last because she is talented, but she is and will never be a great entertainer like Madonna simply because of all the things I mentioned: Can;t dance, isn't sexy, etc. She is a female pop star. Looks are essential as is being able to do more then sit and sing while playing piano. That's boring, but that's what she is good at.

  23. "if what i do is so abysmal and so boring, then why do they keep writing about me and dedicating their time and energy towards me?

    - madonna, (not verbatim) throughout her career.

    you fuckin losers.

  24. what happened to everybodys reply? calling us fucking losers?? lol.

    poor guy.

    i guess if you do not like gaga it just HAS TO BE because we, as madonna fans, on a madonna fan blog are nervous, jealous and scared that lady gaga is the next madonna. you know, smart, sexy, great dancer, great entertainer and again, sexy.

    he got us! lol :)

  25. "if what i do is so abysmal and so boring then why do people keep writing about me and focusing their energy towards me?

    - madonna (not verbatim) throughout her career.

  26. Again, sexy,great dancer, great entertainer. Sexy...


  27. @evrybdygegeget I love that interview (Girlie Talk, circa 1993).

    We should be friends. :)

  28. For the record, Madonna and her team did take from Prince. Prince was the first to "re-invent" himself with every yearly record he put out from the get go. Madonna latched on to that every changing style and look thing Prince was doing in the 80's and adapted it for herself.

    Prince did high-spiritualiy with Lovesexy, an '88 album - Madonna followed with Like A Prayer, a religious-y, sexual-spiritual mix Prince had just gone through SO, she wasn't like that real or original either...

  29. They are both talented and I love them for different reasons. Gaga brings a lot of what Madonna lacked-->classically trained musician, songwriter (before she was Gaga), and a voice to die for!! My love for Madonna comes from a simpler place-->she was beautiful, sexual, and provocative.. ahead of her time!! Plus her stage performances are the best you'll ever see! Her live concerts are to die for!! They're both unique and talented in their own way. All the Gaga haters need to come to terms that she's going to be around a loooong time! Madonna's our Queen but her time in music is all but over. It's time to pass the torch on to the next pop icon and get the fuck over it already!! I think all the anger from Madonna lovers is because it's sad (which I agree with) to think of the pop world with no Madonna...But she'll always be the reigning Queen of pop in history forever!! That will never change. All the haters can keep spewing their venom all they want but Gaga's here to stay, better get used to it or shut up about it! I've waited a long time for a pop artist to come around and do a fraction of what Madonna has done in the music world! Enough of Britney, Christina, Kesha..etc!! Pop music has been so boring since the 90's when Madonna was at the height of her popularity.. Thank God Gaga has brought life back to music! If she didn't, nobody would be interested either way!

    Bring on the rude, mean comments...ughhh!!!