Monday, June 13, 2011

1990 Omnibus Madonna Special

One of the greatest specials on Madonna - her importance in culture, music, art, fashion. Her legacy and body of work is so immense that we're still living in its aftermath.

The year of this special was 1990. Madonna had just finished her third tour, the aptly and perfectly titled Blond Ambition - the tour that is still influencing concerts today - 21 years after the fact. Madonna is here commenting on her cultural impact over the last 7 years.

We have great commentaries with fantastic Greil Marcus, cultural historian from Artforum Magazine, on so much from her reaction to the nudes to her Like a Prayer which he describes as "blasphemy on ten levels at once - which is as strong and as upsetting a piece of public work that you're going to see". Kristine McKenna from the Los Angeles Times on her "mythical status". Andre Leon Tally from Vogue Magazine on her being "a goddess of style for fashion, especially for high fashion in Paris - the force of her fantasy is accessible to everyone from eighteen to eighty". Glenn O'Brien from Interview magazine on her having "a medium like ability to read the minds of the audience" and "being a religious figure herself". Her high school teacher, Marilyn Fellows, about her "quality of charisma." The Harvard University course that was taught on Madonna. Her jaded brother, Christopher Ciccone. Carl Arrington from People magazine stating how she "seized back the crucifix." Luc Sante from New Republic Magazine on Madonna's "Post Modernism". Of course, we have the wonderful and fabulous Christopher Flynn - her dance teacher and mentor, wondering "where's my little Madonna?" Stephen Bray on "her having written 14 songs" before he had written even one and the honesty of her songwriting. And so many and so much more!!! Here are all 4 parts for your educational and viewing pleasure. Enjoy!






  1. how funny..... I JUST watched this last night! so good!

  2. This is a great special, never seen it before, thanks Pud.
    I love that someone finally gives her credit for never having a nervous breakdown or become a junkie or go crazy ("her husband did")even though she was THAT famous.
    ps Isn't that Lady Gaga driving in that red car? ;-)

  3. I remember the night this came on TV... all we wanted was the interview. She was so mysterious back then and she just seemed to get more and more famous. I was transfixed. It's a great documentary. The only other one that comes close (and covers the early years in a better way) is Naked Ambition. You Tube it - it's brilliant.

    Thanks for posting. A happy reminder.

  4. such a great special! i'm looking for years MTV's madonna special "a body of work". hope someone to help me find out :)

  5. LOVE this special. I got it on DVD a few years ago, and it just shows how much of an impact the Goddess has had.

    Pussy makes the World go round!


  6. Brilliant! Thanks Pud xxxxx One of the best interviews with her I have ever seen. AMAZING!

  7. I've never seen this special in its entirety. Only seen bits and pieces of it. Thank you for posting this Pud!

    I agree with Don'tLookBack-she was so mysterious to me at the time. By 1990 she had become mythical in many respects, and listening to her speak and seeing her this way was like watching some sort of Greek goddess shining her light on us for a brief moment.

    Her lips God! They're huge, lol. She looks like a porn star.