Saturday, June 11, 2011

Robert Jeffrey Gives Good Face.

How fantastic is Madonna fan Robert Jeffrey doing Vogue at 9 years old in 1991? I mean, he knows all the moves and the words! I love when he goes around, hits the floor and does the kick! Dude knows his shyt!

He's still inspired by Madonna today. Everybody's sent me this file but I thought BoyCulture already had a nice write up about it. I think it's brilliant. Brought a little tear of joy to this cold stone.

Robert's 1991 VOGUE story HERE.

And HERE he talks about the Like a Virgin album and good lighting!!!


  1. I laughed haaard yesterday when I saw this! Both out of gayness and hapiness! This is truly funny and inspiring!

    Fantastic! :D

  2. He reflects how so many of us felt growing up with Madonna. I used to dance around my bedroom in the same way. Never had the balls to video tape it ;)

  3. And besides taping it, talk about being bold enough to publish it ONLINE

    luv this fella already!

  4. It's hilarious but also one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I love when kids feel this free. As it should be.

  5. João i totally agree with your comments!

  6. I LOVE this video,his attitude is contagious,and so fierce!thanks for posting!

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  8. Watching this video you think, who can deny we are born like this?????!!!! i remember being 14 and playing once and once again vogue video recorded from tv in the living room of my house, late night, while my parents were sleeping. Madonna inspired and helped and made us take off lot of times in all situations: happines, sadness, controversy, etc... and after so many years the only thing that happens with the feeling is only keep on growing more and more every day.
    As i always say: MADONNA, THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE!!!

  9. That kid fucking rocked! And bless his parents for letting the little Jeffrey do what felt right for him! Glad to see that he is still as passionate about Madonna today as he was 20 years ago! Kindred spirit!