Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 Years Ago Today - Michael Jackson Died

Madonna remembers her time with Michael Jackson and his affect on the entertainment community and his fans at the MTV video music awards. I was never fan of MJ - although the other day I was digg'n Human Nature on the radio. Anyway - I love what Madonna says here and, of course, sending good energy to his fans, friends and family.


  1. I personally liked Madonna over MJ! Even though many people disagree. By the time I turned 13 and dangerous came out, I began to find him boring because he always did the same thing, unlike Madonna. I think that's why Madonna has always remained top 10. Eventually MJ's music became irrelevant. (until his death) Only his music from the 80's really matters.

  2. opinions are like assholes...

  3. and might i add - whilst the speech was quite moving and a great ode to mj, she is SUCH a Leo lol once again she manages to talk about herself and insert her own personal agenda whilst giving a speech about someone else. and i don't believe mj 'threw' his glasses out the window; he probably just took them off. that's probably her embelishing in, once again, typical Leo style.

  4. Oh well, RIP MJ. He inspired many including Madonna. So Respect. His music rocked even in the 90's ''although many will disagree.''

    In 1983, an upcoming singer had just scored her first international hit, ‘Holiday’. Determined to be more than a one-hit wonder, she contacted Freddy DeMann, manager of the world’s most successful pop star – Michael Jackson. In fact, Jackson had recently hired a new manager, which left DeMann free to devote his attention to the lesser-known, but fiercely ambitious Madonna. Madonna, Smashits, 1984: “I thought, who’s the most successful person in the music industry and who’s his manager? I want him.”



    “The thing that struck me right away about her was that she said she had no heroes,” says Reggie Lucas, the producer-guitarist who wrote “Borderline” and produced her 1983 debut Madonna.

    “When I pressed her for influences, she said ‘Michael Jackson,”

    Madonna:like an icon., Lucy O’Brien

    It was during this trip that Sounds writer Sandy Robertson did one of the first British interviews with the nascent star.

    ‘I thought “Everybody” was a good pop record. She’d evolved a commercial dance thing that was not considered unhip,’ he recalls.

    ‘She was staying with her dancers in a poky, tiny little place in Primrose Hill, north London. She came to the door in a gold dressing gown. I thought she was very short and sort of dumpy, with short, short hair. She seemed glad to have press.

    She was bustling around, making me tea with honey. She wasn’t as confident as you’d expect — she was quite reserved, but friendly.

    She said she wanted to be a female Michael Jackson.’

    Madonna, Smash Hits Dec 30 1987/Jan 12 1988

    NEIL: Was there anyone you aspired to be like?

    MADONNA: Well, when I was younger I really liked girl singers like Lulu and those kind of innocent, angelic voices, Marianne Faithfull and that kind of stuff, plus Diana Ross and all the girl groups of the ’60s like the Motown girl groups. Then when I got older my idols shifted ‘cos there weren’t really any female singers I could aspire to be like. From then on I went through an “I want to be like Michael Jackson” phase. I can do everything he can do only I’m a girl! I still idolise him above any performer. He transcends almost every level, appeals to everyone.

    NEIL: Is that what you want to do?

    MADONNA: Yeah.

  5. Gosh! re you one of those stupid bitches from "The View"? Madonna's speech was very honest - it has nothing to do with being a Leo. Her speech was honest and tasteful. That's how you talk about someone else without sounding fake: you talk about the effect people have had in YOUR life, and not in the world. I would have hated it if Madonna had talked about how MJ changed the world, changed people's lives, bla bla bla... she's not in a position (no one is) to talk for me or for the rest of the world). MADONNA KNOWS IT. That's why she focused mainly on HER impressions and EXPERIENCES with MJ. Tasteful, honest, not phony.

    You are right about one thing: "opinions are like assholes...". And as opinion is I like MJ better than Madonna, or I like Madonna better than MJ. however, MJ doing the same thing is not an opinion, IT IS A FACT.
    MJ was not a true artist, he was someone who found a formula and repeated it over and over again, until no one paid attention to him anymore. Comparing Madonna's body of work to MJ's, there's no doubt left that MADONNA's work is richer, more varied, better produced and deeper than MJ's formulaic and tired work.

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  7. What a classy way to commemorate the death of somebody.

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  9. I'll also add that saying that Michael Jackson wasn't a true artist is far from being a fact. Its rather an insult. The man wrote most of his music, was involved in the making of his music videosand had his inout in the choreography. He worked hard for the things he's being recognized for today.

    Let's give credits where its due, it won't take away Madonna's achievements to do so, IMO. Lets put aside those petty fanatic fights and insults.

  10. Of course her speech had nothing to do with her being a leo. It had to do with her being as big as MJ and sharing how she could relate to certain things he went through.

    When someone talks about another person like this, it is because they can usually relate and if she had not brought herself up at all, it would have made no sense for her to do something like this.

  11. why does almost every artist that is mentioned on this blog have to be pitted against madonna? yes, it's a madonna blog, but why do so many of you have to criticise one artist in order to show/highlight madonna's talent/achievements? why do they always have to be compared? it's so BORING. she's not the queen of the musical universe! therein lies my beef.

  12. Bitterness because another pop star is widely recognized as more talented than Madonna no matter any career or personal lows.

  13. I love this speech, it points out that people tend to forget he (and for that matter any "star") was a human being and was affected by things. Something she can definitely relate to.

  14. MJ was extremely talented, but i agree with Youthinkyourecute. His music was always the same, unlike Madonna who always changed her music style and did different things.

    plenske we all know you're talking about gaga. gaga for sure has a better voice than the Queen of Pop (even though "screaming" voices like carey, aguilera, dion, gaga etc. is not my type).
    I got tired hearing people say Madonna is not that talented blah blah blah. The only thing i've got to say is that it's really funny how EVERY "talented" new artist does EVERYTHING to resemble "untalented" Madonna. I give credits and respect to the Queen of Pop, who managed something like this with "no talent".
    love her.

  15. She modeled her career in the beginning on MJ she marched and demanded for Demann. She paid tribute to him in VT and SST. she loved him. He was and will be a pop icon, No need to compare anymore. RIP MJ!

  16. I agree with the previous comment. She did model her career on MJ. But so does every pop artist. However Madonna is the only other artist to have MJ's fame and admiration from fans. She made that on her own terms. She was very different than MJ. She had her own style and her sound.

    As for the speech, she understood the witch hunt on MJ. Before his allegations in 1993, the only other controversy in music was her sex book. She could relate. They were both adored in the 80's, by the early 90's their sales began to slip. Madonna made her comeback in 98, but MJ had a harder time.