Thursday, June 9, 2011

Confessions on a Dance Floor by Mattress

Another fabulous signature and avatar created by talented, loyal and great Madonna fan - Mattress - when we were on MadonnaMad together. He always made the greatest shyt. This one is from 2005.

He based it off what Madonna and Klein did with a few of those Confessions sessions - Ken Russell's motion picture Tommy (1975). This one, in particular, from Tina Turner's record cover and scene in the film - Acid Queen.

Check out the fanatastic performance by Turner in Tommy below.


  1. WOW! Never knew about the Tina Turner/Tommy reference! :D

  2. Mattress is talented, but an idiot. He thinks the Celebration DVD's are horrible quality even going as far as typing up this ridiculous video by video review, which couldnt have been farther from the truth regarding quality. Can't stand him.

  3. tony, i love you but every time i bring up mattress' name you hit F5 and your response to mattress appears. we get it. youre smarter than that, you have a vast amount of madonna knowledge put that to good use here instead of your bitterhole. xoxoox

  4. Mattress is very intelligent, and creative too. You gotta give him credit to create a full discussion on Madonna's official album/radio edits and the full details about each one in dissected form. He's brilliant, his knoweledge is impressive. Plus is art creations are another stand-out talent of his. I remembered when this set "premiered" on MadonnaMad, it was magnificent, like all his works.

  5. I'm sorry, but I have read what he thinks would make the perfect tracklisting and which versions and he is wrong on several occasions. I am no smarter then anyone else and neither is mattress.

    I just don't like ass-twats, sorry.

    sorry for voicing my opinion, pud. wont happen again. love ya


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