Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Justify My Love 12" Single Vinyl


Wearing the John Richmond leather vest that I'm still obsessed with that she got at Maxfield's on Melrose in 1990.

Dancing With Carlton Wilborn from the Blond Ambition Tour at Herb Ritts party. Donna Delory off to the side.

F*cking sexy Tony Ward pouring beer over Madonna and that fabulous vest!!!

...and here's some bizarre pic from another occasion that took me days to find but I knew I had it somewhere. The back of the vest.


  1. Pud, the back picture! You are the best!
    I think this would be the coolest Madonna thing to own, period.
    I'm glad she has is safely stored in her vaults!

  2. Amazing how you keep coming up with pictures I've never seen before! FANTASTIC.

  3. WOW! That picture of the back of the jacket is priceless! Thanks for sharing that! This time period was beyong incredible! Loved all of it!

  4. pud.. i love that you knew where she bought it. that pic with the beer shower looks like she was a VERY fun night with some VERY sexy guys in a hotel bar... was this during BAT?

  5. I love the Tony Ward era. She was such a bad girl. And he was a total shag.

  6. Tony Ward was hot, but not shaggable. Have you seen his penis? Yuck.

    Great pics and the JML cover is perfection.

  7. another AMAZING era! the "back" pic is amazing!

  8. Love these photos Pud, ive never seen them before. Who's the hot guy with his arm around her?