Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Madonna on set of Papa Don't Preach.

Jamesy from Madonna-tv.com found these photos of Madonna by Vinnie Zuffante on ebay that are going for the low price of 10,000 dollars. Ha!

Anyway, Vinnie was a paparazzo that Madonna allowed to take these pics while on the set of Papa. He got so many great pics of Madonna during the 80's but this was a rare moment where she actually posed for him. Pictures from this 'session' were used in all the magazines back in the day.


  1. this has been happening more and more and it's exciting as an older madonna fan. we get to see all these photos or videos that people have kept secret or rarely shown. I'm so looking forward to hearing warning signs someday. having truth or dare be rereleased remastered with all the concert footage included and maybe even getting a bio from the woman herself.

  2. I remember seeing lots of photos in the "pop teen" mags at the time from the PDP video set. Guess we know where they got them now!

  3. That will be the Vinnie Zuffante who Sean slugged, then overturned a table cos Vinnie went over to Madonna to say 'Hi!' and kissed her. Awwwww the great protector....and jealous even ...Sean!!! Never a dull moment, especially since at the time he was awaiting trial for punching another pap! Oops!!!