Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 30, 1985 - Madonna and Sean Penn - Franklin, Tennessee

The biggest, greatest and sexiest love affair of the 1980's - Sean Penn and Madonna.

Before they got married and before her fabulous ass kicking performance at Live Aid, Madonna was visiting Sean Penn on the set of At Close Range in Tennessee. She had just finished her Virgin Tour on June 11, 1985. Sean had been filming for several months in Nashville, Tennessee. They were staying at the Mawxwell House Hotel.

On Sunday June 30th, Madonna went out for a run up and through Buena Vista Park and when she returned, her and Sean were walking through the hotel grounds. Sun tabloid reporters Laurence Cottrell and Ian Markham-Smith started shooting photos. Sean flipped, grabbed a rock and threw it at Cottrell and started beating the shyt out of Cottrell. From this moment on, nobody felt comfortable approaching Sean Penn on the streets. Ha!


  1. I always hated him ! He was an asshole (still is).

  2. Oh Sean! He was so angry and protective of her!
    I thought he wasn't good enough for her back then but I do enjoy looking back and seeing the jogging pics of them and his nice legs and pkg.
    It's funny he seemed most protective of her in all his dating and relationships.
    You can tell they had the most amazing make up break up sex!

    English to Italian question: What does baci mean? Baci means kisses!
    I want that T! did she wear it again?

  3. he wasn't being protective, it was his self-centered sense of entitlement getting the best of him. He knows(knew) when the paparazzi are photographing them its all about her and he is just in the way.

  4. Pud I so love that you know the dates and stories behind these photos! It's so much more fun to know the context.

  5. dumb hair question BUT did she have Red LIVE AID HAIR HERE??

  6. Um I thought he start acting crazy after they got married not before?!?!? and he was not being protective of her considering he was beating her ass...he is a crazy son of a bitch today also

  7. I love the headphones with the antenna. It's kind of funny to think that the biggest pop star in the world had to listen to the radio, basically listening to whatever random song that DJ picks. Nowadays, who the hell listens to the radio?

  8. Sean Penn, my god, no wonder she fell in love with him, a god amongst men.