Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Madonna NEW ALBUM 2011/2012 Trailer

Madonna fans have been starved of new music since 2008! Literally. So much, in fact, that an unfortunate sexless farck monster thing-it-thing had been let in and was copying everything Madonna did and actually being called the new Madonna. Ha! Everyone immediately clocked that it was just another wannabe being shaped and styled by Madonna fans in the industry. *Cough* *Cough* you know who you are - you read this blog.

Since Madonna emerged in 1983, we've had the black Madonna, the Latin Madonna, the bloody Lithuanian Madonna, the Madonna of Literature, the Madonna of this and that and everything and hundreds of new Madonna's - but the fact remains THERE IS ONLY ONE MADONNA!!!

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Penn Ciccone Ritchie Ciccone! Known to mortals as Madonna.

A fan made this fab Madonna NEW ALBUM 2011/2012 Trailer. I thought it needed to be shared.


  1. I can't F'ING wait! It feels like we have been punked the last few years with caca shit troll media. Let's get back to the real deal!
    Long live the Queen!
    Madonna Forever!

  2. This album has to be stellar or she is not gonna recover from all the thieves. I hope she is in the mind to deliver. Of course she has nothing to prove, but it would be fun to see Madonna kick some ass again!

  3. I think the stakes are high and she still needs to prove relevance maybe? I don't know, all I know is that monster shit called Caca has obliterated Madonna into total darkness and irrelevance, to the point where she is being hailed as a genius and Madonna isn't even used as comparison, no one calls Gaga the new Madonna, they just call her Gaga, because Madonna doesn't even register in people's lives, let alone their minds anymore.

    If she comes up with another mediocrity(first time in her life) like Hard Candy she is fucked.

  4. Ramon of course Gaga is not considered as the new madonna but as the biggest Madonna copycat. just check out the yankovich parody "perform this way" and read Gaga's music reviews. there is NOT a single review where Madonna is not mentioned.

  5. This video is great and gets me all excited but another "Hard Candy" and bye bye to the queen...

  6. Guys enough of the HC dissing! It served it purpose. In retrospect HC album sold very well and 4 min was one of her highest digtial singles and also one of the most cheered songs from S&ST. She knew what she was doing. HC has more staying power then the other top 40 crap that was released same time. I can listen to the pharell/neptunes tracks and enjoy and workout.
    Whatever she comes up with will instantly erase any thoughs of doubt of her relevance automatic!


  8. in a pop-cultural context, the word 'madonna' has now become an adjective... short-hand for 'kick-ass female artist of the time who fights the good fight and is The Real Deal' - that's it. so of course gaga and all other females pop artists are compared to madonna, for she is the very definition of the female pop star. she did it all, she did so much, and she did it the biggest - how can any female the comes after her not be compared to her? gaga gets the attention for this more than anyone else ever has for she is doing it on such a large scale and so relentlessly and tenaciously.

  9. pud love what you said. so so true. cant wait for the new album. the trailer is great and RAMON H get a clue.

  10. At the time I got the impression she made Hard Candy the way she did (with all the co-writers/-producers) to be done with her Warner deal but I actually quite liked it. Still have it on my iPod when I work out. And as all of the above, can't wait for the next album!

  11. I have a BEEF with this new gen and madonna monsters etc

    You never hear them say
    Oh "they are the new Beatles" or "They are the new Rolling Stones" or hes the next "David Bowie".
    Why does the next gen or haters try to find the need to try replace Madonna SO hard! I have a theory it has to do with being a Female and success! if gagarbage is what they think is it for their M fix. MAN I feel sorry for this new gen!

    Just saying!

  12. I honestly don't know in what reality or dimension you are all living in, but I keep up to date with music news and pop culture, and I pay attention to what people say and no one, and I mean NO ONE accuses Gaga of blatant plagiarism, they think she's a fucking genius. They think she's original. They think she invented the wheel.

    What's most sad is that so called "journalists" have fallen prey to Gaga's brainwashing and again Madonna doesn't even register.

    The last time I heard the name "MADONNA" in a social gathering it was something like this:

    Gaga's Alejandro comes up on the tv and I automatically say it's all copied from Madonna, some agree and then one says Madonna is a mummy. And I say mummy as in mother? and he goes like no, mummy as in corpse, she looks like a mummified corpse, and that was it.

    And THAT is the worldwide sentiment regarding Madonna. People don't like her anymore, they don't care, she's irrelevant, and it's in big part because of Gaga.

    The days where Madonna would dominate small talk and social gatherings around the globe seem to be over.

    Sure, Madonna certainly doesn't need to work, she can easily retire and enjoy her millions, her legacy in history is assured, but I have a feeling that is not enough for her, she wants to stay relevant, so the stakes are high for her.

    With the next album she needs to snatch Caca's and Bewolf's wigs and just kill it or accept defeat and be a thing of the past.

    So so dad, never for the life of me would I have thought Madonna to be in this predicament.

    In fact, it's horrible how she has been replaced by her copycats, the same people she spawned.

  13. why are female performers always pitted against each other? you rarely, if never, see it happen with the male bands/performers.

  14. no hard candy again please.
    she needs to be fresh and on trend or preferably pre- on trend.

  15. @jeremy maybe because male artists don't copy each other as much?? I have no idea but no one is pitting anyone against anyone, there is just Madonna and a pack of vulturous ravenous pack of miserable bitches lead by CACA who want to steal and copy everything she does. Comparisons are unavoidable.

  16. Male artists get compared/pitted against each other sometimes, if not as often. A quick list:

    Marilyn Manson-Alice Cooper, David Bowie
    Justin Timberlake and Usher
    Michael Jackson and Prince
    Any current male pop/R&B artist--Michael Jackson
    Any ambitious rock band--The Rolling Stones, The Beatles

    But I do agree it happens more with female artists. Blame it on ageism/sexism I guess.

  17. lol@Ramon

    love the fanmade trailer!

  18. ramon is right in that madonna needs to come back with an amazing album. it simply cannot be anything less. she absolutely needs to still prove something - that's if she wants to stay in the game or just become some legacy act who rests on her laurels.

    hard candy was way below standard. regardless of if the single went to number one worldwide or not, the quality was not there. that's what lasts - not chart positions.

    it's time for her to do something different and totally unexpected. no more dance-pop please, it's tired madonna. don't rope in some young hot-shot producer. don't rope in the latest pop singer/rapper... do something from your heart. dig deep and be honest with yourself, for fuck's sake.

  19. @evrybdygegeget is absolutely right, also, have in mind that 4 Minutes ahd Justin Timberlake in it and Hugn Up before that rested heavily on an ABBA sample, the point being, can Madonna still get a number 1 hit without depending on a young artist or some novelty?

    If the rest of the singles from Confessions on A Dancefloor or Hard Candy are anything to go by, the answer is no.

    She needs to come up with something as big as Ray of Light or Music, or even Vogue, or she is over.

    Sure, she'll still make millions out of touring, but her relevance and music career per se will be a thing of the past.

  20. evrybdygegeget

    Well said. I would almost rather have M not release another record for several years if it's not going to be "hearfelt" and strong.

  21. Madonna is being considered irrelevant "worldwide"? how pretentious people can be here.

  22. The Madonna-Gaga fan war is getting sooo hold. Should I remind that Madonna herself has more than often been inspired by other artists and accused of shameless copying? Of course Gaga is inspired by Madonna. Which pop star wouldn't be. She shaped and influenced entire generations of fans and artists. Gaga is a reminder of M in many ways but she CAN do her own stuff and she's much more than a Madonna copycat! If only people would stop obsessing on that and really pay attention.