Monday, August 29, 2011

Britney Refuses to Kiss Grotesque Lady Gaga


Ew, I can't. Sorry No.


  1. That happened to be one of the few scenes of that ridiculous awards show I actually caught, and I could not believe the disgust in Britney's eyes, the whole moment was so awkward! I'm glad Britney didn't kiss her. Goo-goo looked thoroughly disappointed that Britney didn't kiss her.

  2. Even I have to admit GAGA was so annoying on last nights show. Soooo irritating to watch. Like get over yourself and stop trying so hard. Why did she get so much air time anyway?

    And WTF was with Gaga introducing Brit, then Gaga and Britney introducing Beyonce's performance? It was Brit's time to shine and it was used to introduce another Queen of POP?

    Anyways, is MTV even about music anymore?


  3. gorgeous my ass. Gaga is ugly as frog. britney shouldn't kiss It.

  4. @themadonnablog: Gaga probably paid for the airtime, I mean she's lost SOOOO much thunder since her second album came out, and then those allegations came out about her Japanese relief bracelets, AND then it started coming out that her or at least her record label was behind destroying Christina's Bionic album. I'm very happy to see that cunt fall from grace. Soon enough Madonna will be back in music, and we need never hear from Gaga again.

  5. I'm at peace with gaga. As she sucks so much that I dont even care about her. She becoming a try harder and harder nada boring nada.. Zzzzzzzzz
    Even her madonnaisms are failing her.

    Ps one thing though, why does caca look so freakishly short to Brits 5 4" frame???

  6. I wish I had enough words to properly express the disgust, the total repulsion Lady Gaga caused on me last night.

    It's pretty obvious that her Jo Calderone bullshit is her attempt at hijacking dressing as a man from Madonna, however Madonna's whole point in dressing as a man was this: "I'm a woman, and I'll dress as a man and I'll act as a man and I'm still going to give you a hard on"

    To put it what Gaga did in perspective, if you gave a man 50 viagra pills and he is there with a massive erection and about to have a heart attack, you can push Jo Calderone in the room and that guy's cock will come down faster and harder than the fucking Hindenburg.

    In other words her "performance" was a total failure as usual.

    And I am so glad Britney didn't kiss her, the Gaga stans are saying the moment was scripted but that's BULLSHIT. You can SEE the repulsion on Britney's whole body at the thought of kissing the ugliest and unsexiest face the world has known, and you can SEE Gaga's embarassment at how her attempt to upstage or steal from Madonna has failed once again.

  7. gaga can be sooo disgusting!!!

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  9. i'm totally convinced that gaga disappointed very very much that britney didn't kiss her.
    btw she was soooo fucking annoying. she actually failed to act like a normal man. normal men don't act like that. only mentally ill men act like that. and she did EVERYTHING to get attention like little kids that run here and there to get adult's attention. she's pathetic.

  10. Why did you people even bother watching this shit? I pass on these "awards" shows unless there is a mention that M will be there. I'll tune in for M, then tune out and spare myself.

  11. Is that gaga with that black short wig on?

  12. you're all a bunch of bitter old madonna fans.

    from memory, m never did a monologue before a musical performance. i thought that was really cool. loved how she talked about gaga coming and having to cover her face when he fingerfcks her.

    performance was cool too.

    she kept it up the whole night. m only wore a tux a couple of times. get with it bitches.

    so glad gaga exists. im so over boring beyonce and britney. unless of course you like your pop stars to play it safe.


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  14. @evrybdygegeget

    Madonna does do monologues before performances. See the Blond Ambition Tour.

    I like gaga but the moment between was and britney was really weird and I felt that mtv gave britney a pretty lame tribute.

  15. lol again@evry.

    Glad to see you failed to mention that Gaga, once again, messed up during her performance and fell off the piano. lmao.

    Can she EVER get a life performance right? Oprah: not being able to break window, MTV 2009: not being hung off the ground more then a foot, etc, etc. lolzzz.