Saturday, August 20, 2011

Joss Stone Thinks Madonna Set Bad Example for Female Singers

Joss Stone, the only thing you grabbed was a headline using Madonna's name. It's not her fault that she's so fabulous that everyone bit her style. Now go bang your pots and pans while grabbing people's attention with your voice.

p.s. What is it with these British singers opening their blow holes about Madonna? So jaded.


  1. Joss Stone isn't worth the energy. Her career went down the toilet a long time ago. I think she's one of the most unpopular singers in the UK, and that's largely down to her attitude.

  2. This sort of crap comes through not seeing the artistic / political / cultural merit / impact in Madonna's work. How does a person miss that? By having the intellectual capacity of a gnat. x

  3. Wasn't she almost SHOT?, stupid bitch

  4. Difference is, when Madonna was shocking (basically only the really tightass) people, there was a brain behind it. Nowadays it's all done (by these so called stars)without that ingredient and that's what makes it so pathetic.
    As for Joss Stone, she never got my attention with her voice. But that's just a matter of personal taste.

  5. Joss fucking who? Is she the skank wannabe hippie dirty barefoot skunk that tried to be Janis Joplin and then white r&b soul singer? Barf! Stupid fucking cunt.let her caca whitney celine Mariah and christina ag go sing their supposed great talented vocals out of their vag!
    It's never been about just singing with Madonna or shock value. Obvious the big bird hippie joss stone is not too bright! Madonna has craft that no one I mean no one will mimic or come close to in thi life time. Is beyond talent!

  6. It's all simply a continuation of the reinforcement of Madonna's extraordinary influence. In Britain, Madonna has always been more popular than anyone and yet viciously attacked by the media. I believe Marlene Dietrich spoke of this same difference between the public and the press. Not a single contemporary pop singer can be assessed without mentioning Madonna, and her detractors will not stop until that collective yawn they have been fantasizing about since the beginning actually happens. In other words, never. Madonna is more contemporary than today's tomorrow, and we should try not to blame these artists for expressing their opinions, good or bad. In Madonna's case all press remains good press. She wrote the book.

  7. but madonna DOES have an average singing voice? and she DID use plenty of shock tactics in her career? and it DID distract from her musical abilities or what talent she did have?

    why is this all so bad for some of you fans to hear/read? why are you all so touchy? madonna admitted herself that she regretted how her SEX book, for instance, took away from the music of Erotica. why are you all acting like such fucken losers about this?

  8. YOU STUPID ASS evrybdygegeget;
    it is not about her voice, she has a HELL of lot more then just shock value. HELLO. do you think she would still be around?? FUCKTARD!

    If you cant dig deep and have the brains to see the full on madonna craft then you are just a joss stone fucktard as well.

    go away monster ass!

  9. LOL. Well said 39b947fe-7a01-11e0-a021-000bcdcb8a73

    I hate hearing people say Madonna's voice is average, wtf does that mean? Madonna delivers songs passionately, with heart, there's nothing average about that. She has a beautiful voice to my ears.

    Elvis and The Beatles and Bowie all caused controversy in their day, with their sexualities and / or political views. In my mind, a truly great pop artist is about more than just music.

  10. LOL @ 39b947fe-7a01-11e0-a021-000bcdcb8a73

    halarious. you don't get me, do you? i'm a freakin' madonna fan you fool. i get it. i get her. but i'm objective and don't have my blinkers on.

    and average singing voice in terms of live execution. i mean, the ability to hold a note and it be sweet to my ears is all i'm expecting from these people. sometimes she struggles with that. this is all a matter of taste. in the ear of the beholder. it's whatever. understand it's more about emotion. and i love her voice. but live it's average as of late imo.

    who said this undermines her overall appeal?

    hey do some of you have problems in your personal relationships? ever struggle with conversation??

  11. The first promo action for stone's new album is talking shit about the queen of pop. nice.

  12. evrybdygegeget really? my relationships are the bonafide real deal baby!
    unlike yr so called statement "i'm a freakin' madonna fan you fool. "
    yeah right!
    suck IT! now peace...

  13. @evrybdygegeget and

    Both of you have points and I agree/disagree with both of them. Differences are great and make for interesting conversation. Bitching and slamming each other is not very interesting. I'm looking at you mainly 39b947fe-7a01-11e0-a021-000bcdcb8a73.

    So evrybdygegeget is a fan that has a different point of view than you. That's fine. Your love for M is just as valid. I adore MADONNA forever, but I can also question a very few things that she has done. It's all a big bag of nothing. Quit bitchin at each other for not feeling the same as the other. I like reading both of your posts and hope that you two can agree to disagree in a cool manner. I'm stepping off my hopebox!

    cheers to both.