Saturday, August 20, 2011

What If Madonna Replied to All Her Detractors?

I mean really, how would you feel as Madonna fans if she came out and said Pete Burn's face looks like your asshole after an all-you-can-eat Eastern Indian buffet dinner? Or how Morrissey ballooned into Mr. Pork Chop McFarckle even though he bows at the hoof of the hog? And they get so personal and mean with her. The list goes on and on and on and on - Boy George, Sandra Bernhard, Joss Stone. And Madonna never says a word publicly. Fabulous.

These cunts need to get off Madonna's jock.


  1. Add Elton John to that list. So publicly horrible.

    Even back in the 80's people were at it. Remember Whitney Houston saying she'd "kill her kids if they ended up being like Madonna"? Who had the last laugh there. And Sade saying that Madonna "was like McDonald's"?

    I suppose one of the things we all admire about Madonna is her ability to ignore all of it and keep on going. She always has the last laugh.

  2. totally DLB - i left a lot out but that rotten elton. ugh. ive been holding my tongue forever but it just seems they keep pelting her. its a new one every week.

  3. They need this to survive. Or at least be commentend about.

  4. She's actually the curse, look when Gaga did Express Yourself - from then on, flop. Joss Stone, flop. Whitney, Elton, Boy George, Michael Jackson even, flop.

  5. They are so Jealous their egos are in pain, they want that rare Madonna superstar status but will never have it. People have been beating on Madge from the start yet she still remains the Queen

    and Long Live the QUEEN.

  6. Madonna doesn't comment because she definitely knows that when these people are talking shit, they are really just talking about themselves. Rule no 1 when it comes to shit-talking :-)
    The best thing was, after Elton slagged her off, she said he was still on her Christmas-card list. Then he suddenly started apologising...cause he never expected that. That's the way to do it!

  7. well actually i miss madonna with the smart mouth now she is just dingy

  8. Ok firstly JD and anyone else. STOP FUCKING SAYING MADGE! she doesn't like it and its tired Richie era. OVER!
    PUD please do a NO MORE MADGE Post! its so lame sounding!

    she would never give these shits a her time of day let alone recognition. they just eat her media off her shirt tails by slagging her off. YAWN!

    one day i hope she releases her journals im sure she said some clever things back on a few IE : mick jagger 1986


  9. how ironic, pud. you and other m fans beat gaga up on a regular basis yet she maintains her dignitity in the press and never bites back. in fact she counters it with even MORE love for madonna. maybe you ought to take a leaf out of her and m's book? think about that one.

  10. and, heck, one or two of those comments at m are quite justified. tell me, dear madonna fans above, how does it feel to be brainwashed? oh wait, the brainwashed do not know that they are brainswashed! m might keep marching forward but it doesn't mean that some of those criticisms are any less warranted.

  11. SHUT THE HELL UP evrybdygegeget!!!
    keep yr monster crap to yourself or go one one the BRAINWASHED GAGA blogs!

    SHE IS A CRAP THIEF! its WAY different. Her Record company is driving vehicle to steal madonnas craft. LET me make this clear. the only reason GAGA is talked about when she is ripping off madonnas craft! END OF STORY ON HER!

    2nd even if the slagging on madonna happen to be true its NOT the point!
    what is clear is that anytime Madonnas name is mentioned THEY & she GET massive press and thats part of it. so yeah the fucks can be called out by PUD and fans. Madonna does what she wants and she can even come out loving lady caca. We as fans can call out shit when we want!


  12. bla bla bla, capitals, bla bla, capitals, bla bla bla. sure, okay, whatever.

  13. Madonna is such a LADY. and she's more than just smart. she's a genius to take part in this bullshit.

  14. evrybdygegeget why yes i am done and absolutely no regrets!
    cheers thanks a lot!

  15. I love that she never responds. That's why she's successful, because all of that good karma keeps coming back her way. The others (all of them green with envy) don't understand that and never will.