Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TIME Magazine - All-Time 100 Songs - Madonna Borderline 1984

Keep On Pushing My Love Over the Borderline

Life Changing. Forever.


  1. Borderline is such a timeless song. I find it to be a summer time feel good track(even though lyrics are relationship turmoil) It takes u back to teenage romance. LOVE IT! love the gif!
    I know she probably thinks nothing of the song now but it is something forever in our hearts!
    cmon baby cmon darling yeah oh YEAHHH

  2. The first Madonna song I ever heard. So sublime:).

  3. The song/video that started it all for me in 1984!


  4. I'm right in thinking Madonna doesn't care for Borderline? After the Virgin Tour she never performed it again until the 2008 Sticky & Sweet, where it was swiftly dropped in the 2009 version. I also remember an interview from '84 where she said she was bored of the song.

    I think it's great.

  5. She probably doesn't care for it because she didn't write it.

    And she smartly dropped it for the 2009 leg because the horribly re-sung version she was using sounded terrible. She just should have sung it in a another key and it would have sounded fine.