Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Madonna is Damn Mad Regarding Leak

Sorry, Madonna your Real Fans loved the demo of Give Me All Your Love and so did Gawker, NME and MTV and the rest of the world that's been waiting. xo


  1. Yeah right @ her saying that. I laughed so hard when I read that.

  2. I'm so happy at the positive reaction, she deserves it.

  3. haha! i know right?!!! MY REAL FANS WOULDNT DO THIS. lets all quote princess lola: oh puh-leeeze!!!

  4. Uhh, Guy Oseary, we're not twelve.

  5. "my real fans wouldnt do this" <---wtf? thats some psychology a parent would use on a CHILD for bad behavior

  6. "My real fans wouldn't do this" WTF? Who if not the real fans?

  7. It's crazy Pud! LOL the real fans are dancing to the song she blared from her window, that's how mad she is.

  8. Ramon is being sarcastic.

    The more I listen to the DEMO, the more potential I hear in it. It's going to be great when we get the final version!

    And Guy? What is up with him?? He is terrible.

  9. Your Australian fans would after all the years you snobbed us!

  10. The copy I downloaded has mysteriously disappeared from my temp files folder ... do they have the power to reach out and delete it like that?

  11. Guy is such a douche. He needs to reach out to fans at times other than when he's prompted to scold them. He just seems like a jerk.

    Madonna needs her own twitter, or Liz needs one!

  12. And...I hate how he says "we" when referring to Madonna's projects.

    "We" have a lot in store for you? NO! Madonna has a lot in store for us!

  13. @JS. Well said. She needs shot of him. He's like a Madonna stalker.

    And is it just me who finds it a bit odd asking fans to help stop the leaks?! Surely it's down to his management who has access to the tracks?

  14. The reaction has been overwhelmingly negative.

    Come on, even Madonna stans have got to face reality.

    Entertainment Weekly, and the LA Times trashed it. Gawker is written by a Madonna fanboi. MTV's review is laughable. Read the comment sections if you want the real deal. No one was funnier than Michael K on Dlisted about this trash.

    This song is what she DIDN'T need right now. This is her "will she beat Lady Gaga" album. If she makes an album full of this crap, she's in trouble.

  15. lol@Al.

    They trashed WHAT exactly? A fucking DEMO. lol.

    Lighten up and when the finished product is released, then I MIGHT care what reviwers are saying.

    Until then, enjoy the only star on the planet who has the world abuzz with a fucking DEMO...


  16. Just got to the Lady Gaga part of your post, Al.

    lol. Really? Comparing Gaga's horrid 'Born This Way' album to ANYTHING from Madonna? Seriously??

    Born this way, Judas, You and I, The Blaze of Glory...All terrible songs. I am going to guess that because Rolling Stone said the album was great, you think these songs are? They sound the SAME except the awful Shania rejected song, 'You and I'' which is a song Shania wouldn't have even wanted to record.

    Then you have Marry the Night. A definite step up from the previous 4 singles, but they all SOUND THE SAME.


  17. Yeah shut yr hole Al!
    Lighten up! Its a demo and its pop and it will get thru the damn winter!

    Also, Am i the only one who hates the fan term "Stan" ??

  18. Oh and Al I don't know if you know this BUT "lady who"is a certfied lumpy ass forever dwarf arm flop so she can never be compared to Madonna!
    Even though she etz her name in her. There is not one comparison or competition or replacement valid comment with Lady Who and Madonna, unless yr talking rip off!

    Ps I know for a fact dlist is such. Madonna fan! Of course he has to take piss out of her it's his blogs duty.

  19. William Orbit
    strong opinions and heated debate about music is fine, but please, no personal insults to any other producer or colleague And DEFINITELY no insults to M.
    Like · Comment · 14 hours ago

    um What is going on? okay everyone, gird your loins. no making fun of the crow voice!

  20. What crow voice? Crows can't sing, 'Evita' songs. And I have never heard a crow sing before??

    'Fans' can be so weird sometimes.

  21. Funny. Every "review" of this demo was beyond positive.