Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Virgin Madonna

Will You Marry Me? Are You Ready, Boys?
Virgin Tour Detroit.


  1. The sluttiest and hottest era, ever!

  2. Fabulous. I love when she sings through the veil.

  3. The most slut dressed in White bride ever then and now!
    Bold wanna fuck me attitude, World didn't know what to make of it, let alone out parents or elders at the time.
    The wedding dress to me is one of the most iconic Madonna moments.
    I know Gaultier BAT gets most of the attention BUT to me
    Virgin slut bride with her Madonna name is the ultimate outfit.
    I love it live at MTV and the meisel album photo shoot was just so magical!
    Love it all!
    More more more!

  4. the role she was born to play, the song that took her to the top of the charts for 6 solid weeks, and the MTV performance that shook the world! that dress was genius - hats off to maripol

  5. And hats off to Madonna - who was about the only one who could pull wearing that dress off.