Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who? What? Where? When?



  1. That's in Rio, Brazil. The same night she threw a party, danced a lot and was photographed for the Celebration [Single] cover on the dance floor. This guy is one of the models who appeared on her W magazine spread, also shot in Rio with Jesus Luz and other Brazilian models.

  2. fabulously wonderful sticky and sweet stop off. gorgeous and real looking!
    love it!!!

  3. She should've gone out with him instead of Jesus.

    Also it breaks my heart what has happened to Madonna's hands. To me, her hands are the most beautiful hands I've ever seen.

    I will never forget the protagonism of her hands on the Secret video, it's unbelievable, there has never been any greater use of hands in any visual medium, and the most beautiful too, it just destroys me that her hands look like zombie hands, it's horrendous!!

    Surely there is something that could be done to rescue those flawless hands?

  4. RAMON - madonna athletic, shes a dancer, shes a performer - shes 53. she has gorgeous hands. REAL HANDS. and she embraces that. always has. she worked for those hands.


  5. They are not gorgeous anymore and it breaks my heart.

  6. Old hands, muscled arms, injected cheeks!
    Madonna gets older face it! She looks amazing!
    Ramon how old are u? How are u going to deal with getting older?

  7. Not her hands, Ramon. Her fans. Idiots like yourself who might feel that they are entitled to feel sad over the appearance of another person's hands.

  8. Ramón H., are you seriously sad because of her hands?

    In that case, I am seriously sad for you as a human being - NOT.

    I love it when people imply or simply criticize (out loud) Madonna's aging. Did they forget that THEY ARE GETTING OLD AT THE EXACT SAME PACE AS MADONNA?

    The difference is that Madonna, unlike most of the world, has the confidence, the energy, and the discipline to age gracefully - with gorgeous style and beauty, plus the stamina that people half her age (Britney, Lady GoGo-norrhea, Beyonce) don't.

    So stop hating Madonna for getting old - newsflash: you're aging at the same pace as her, but I bet you can't do half of what she does at 53.

  9. I'm not hating on Madonna for growing old. I'm just pointing out that, because she barely eats any fat, her arms and hands are ravaged and she knows it, that's why she seldom goes out without long sleeves and or gloves.

    I realize Madonna is an athlete, and like any athlete she does some serious work out to be in shape, but the problem is that she has zero fat in her body and that's unhealthy and she can still be an athlete and achieve the level of stamina that she has now, with some fat in her body and she won't look ravaged.

    You may insult me but the true idiots in here are the people who think it's ok for Madonna to have those ravaged hands and arms because of extreme exercise and dieting, and that makes me SAD FOR YOU BECAUSE IT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE NO MIND OF YOUR OWN OUTSIDE OF WHAT MADONNA DICTATES, YOU IMBECILE PIECES OF SHIT.

  10. ramon - martha graham at 54 years old


    now SHUT IT.

    what do you make of elizabeth taylor at 50 years old - 3 years younger than madonna is now?


    not exactly the hands, body or face of MAGGIE THE CAT, is it? IS IT?

  11. Ramón, I can only assume that you appreciate this kind of lunatic for the handos:


  12. Pud, Liz was always the most beautiful woman in the world, at any age. Even crippled, wheelchair bound and with saggy skin that stretched for miles, she was still the most beautiful woman alive, see The Face never lost its beauty.

    And speaking of Liz, her Spider Woman hands remained beautiful forever, even at 60, and at a size 0 her hands were glorious and not wrinkled.

    Martha's hands look good there too.

    Madonna is doing something bad to her body, it's just not normal.

  13. Heartbreaking? Veiny hands? I can't.

  14. LOL@Ramona!

    Madonna has VEINY hands, not OLD hands. It means she has a lot of blood pumping through them. It's called being healthy and exercise, something I am sure you know very little about.

    Her hands have looked like this since the late 80's.

    Where fcuk have you been?

  15. Oh and Ramona, Madonna always wore lace gloves, etc back in 1983. You are so fcuking dumb to think she wears gloves now to cover her hands!

  16. lol @ you tony because Madonna's hands never looked vein before, NEVER, only in 2002 did they start to get veiny and gross.

    Ugh, I'm done with the stupidity of people like Toni, I won't post here anymore.

  17. Ramon has a point. Madonna's hands have become...well...a bit corpse-looking to say the least.

    HOWEVER, others have a point, which is that Madonna, in many respects, is an Olympian athlete when it comes to the training she has done on her body. She's truly a warrior, in many respects of the word.

    That aside, I LOVE this shot. It feels very organic and totally spontaneous, a very rare moment in time for Madonna.

    Thank you for sharing this.