Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bang Bang

I thought you were good
You painted me bad
Compared to the others
The best thing I had
But then I discovered
It couldn't get worse
You're buildin' my coffin
You're drivin' the hearse
I thought it was you
I loved you the most
But I was just keepin'
My enemies close
I made a decision I had to employ
So how did you end up with all of my toys?


  1. In line "So how did you end up with all of my toys?" does she mean the dildo she once had in a plastic bag on his Birthday at some hotel doors? ))

  2. I'm so over guy! I thought he really loved her but when it came down to the money he sure took it and ran with little publicity.
    How come no one talks about it? Why does he get away with being gold digger? Damn mad!
    Pud I'm glad you bring it up and the lyrics sound perfect!
    Can't wait to hear the song.

  3. Makes Sean Penn look like a prize.

  4. Yeah at least Sean didn't take a penny from her.

  5. The song is great and yes, these are 100% the lyrics. :)

    And it was produced by Martin Solvieg, not Orbit, for people who think Orbit produced it.

  6. vb, i've always wondered about that!

    and so now we know another probable contributing factor to all of the recent endorsement deals she's be spewing out lately.

  7. I'm sorry that her relationship failed, regardless if he's a saint or the devil. But she should have known better and had a prenup made. She makes everyone who works for her sign documents. Why not him? Love will make you do crazy things. I really do feel bad for her. She believed in him so much that she didnt trust her own judgement. And I'm sure that she dismissed the advice of her financial advisors.

  8. Prenuptial agreements are NOT valid in UK.

  9. im thinking this song may be about gaga not guy?

  10. im thinking this song may be about gaga not guy?

  11. Make No Mistake about it-Bang Bang is a sad song! There will be plenty of heartbreak on MDNA! Madonna is an underrated writer!