Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Record Magazine March 1985

Madonna Record Magazine March 1985 - Click numbers to read article.


  1. I don't think I read this since HS.
    Some of her early famous quotes and young defense was up.
    I love how all the writers back then really tried to break her. She was part of a new wave of woman entertaining artists. Tough, sexy, and hot doing it!
    I love her quote.
    "If anybody wants to know, I never fucked anyone to get anywhere, Never!"
    love it all and trip down madonna memory lane.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Omg!! Thank you 4 this! How the reporter described her when she walked like a 6 grader going to math,,to this day she has that childlike aura thats so it all

  3. And that she wanted to make songs that she would dance to in clubs..Its always been about dancing and its going to remain that way because it is in her soul!! The Nile rodgers read was good to

  4. Great read! I don't think I've read this before and if I have I was eleven that year so it went way over my head anyway.
    In that sheet-theory story she seems genuinly shocked about how some people reacted towards her; they got her all wrong and she seems quite horrified by it. It must've been a weird time for her. I love these old articles.
    And the photoshoot with the red cap and sneakers is one of my all time faves!

  5. Excellent read. I wish I had found this in the mag racks back in the day!

  6. After all this time, Madonna is still really Brilliant-and Good! Dame Laura was one of the first rock critics to really love. Then came the brilliant game-changing #1 hits in the form of Live to Tell, Like a Prayer and Vogue. Madonna never again looked back after that. Then came Take a Bow, Hung Up and Masterpiece. Today, Madonna is Loved and I can't be happier! The best Rock Musician of the last 30 years! I know a Lady, and Madonna is Her Name! Brilliant!