Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Few People Who Need to STFU

1. Gene Simmons from KISS

Shut Your Novelty Act Hole.

Here, Gene. Learn. Maybe then you too will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2. Sandra Bernhard

Enough Said.

Gene is jaded because his novelty act KISS will never be inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Sandra is a lesbian woman who didn't come out as officially gay until her career was officially over.


    At times I let all the hate roll off my well built shoulders but now with social media and how people can tear down or build careers im glad we can voice it back.

    1.Gene Simons is disgusting! As if anyone wants to hear his awful voice live, KISS shows are all about cover up including those hideous faces, must be why he's such a gaga fan. He needs to go to a Madonna show and learn!
    2. Speaking of hideous Sandra is just so sad and tragic. I used to go to her shows and love her BUT now she just seems so out of touch her standing up for Lady Gaga is pathetic dis. I mean the whole playing the piano singing talent thing is so over used. Where is Michele Branch? Hmmm?

    I fucking hate Lady who (stupid fucking name) Gaga more now and her stupid MONSTERS fans that tear down Madonna and her achievements. Madonna now cannot be mentioned without that foul creature gaga and vice versa. So gross!

  2. i love how madonna never say a bad thing about anyone when almost everyone says bad things about her.
    she's such a lady!

  3. What did Sandra say? All I could find was this interview when she picked Madonna over Gaga. That's a nice thing no?

    Let's not get too upset folks. The proof is in the pudding.

  4. Gene Simmons is a Muppet... the only "tape" i know of is clearly holding that hairpiece to his head! YUCK

  5. 1. DLB - dont ever question my authority.

    2. Shes a jaded bitch hole that wishes she had ellens career and was talking smack regarding madonna on joy behar. saying lady gaga didnt need to do the super bowl that it was for people who past their prime. now ugly ugly bernhard failed to mention that gaga has performed on X FACTOR and AMERICAN IDOL.

    3. now if that dog face thinks SUPER BOWL is beneath xfactor or AI, it clearly explains why her career is in the toilet.

    4. Tired ass Bernhard needs to show Madonna the same respect she would give Stevie Nicks or any other long standing female in rock if they were invited to perform at the Super Bowl. An honor any performer would love to receive.

  6. It's sad that so many people, like Gaga's twin brother, Elton John, think that Madonna lipsynchs everything. They must not watch her ever to know that she sings live more often then she lipsynchs.

  7. Can someone sum up what gene simmons said? I really have low tolerance for EXTREMELY PHYSICALLY UGLY PEOPLE, I don't know why. Maybe because I'm no looker? self-loathing? I have no idea but people that are insanely ugly like lady who, gene simmons and steve buschemi I just can't tolerate.

    As for Sandra, I feel sorry for her. She obviously has always wanted to be Madonna, she has no dignity but she's fun, who cares.

  8. 'DLB - dont ever question my authority.'


  9. I was getting so pissed looking at all the negative crap online today about madonna and super bowl.. and got here and immediately felt a bit better...couldnt have said it any better..THANK YOU

  10. I knew this would happen and chose not to look at the negative comments towards Madonna and the stupidbowl. She's the only reason I will be watching. The lame fuckers can go eat a fuckin hot dog if they don't want to see the Queen.

  11. Agree Trey, SuperBowl fans should be happy M is performing because soooooo many people will watch it JUST for her!!!

  12. "its from south park, you idiot."

    Quote a show that's actually relevant next time!

  13. "i love how madonna never say a bad thing about anyone when almost everyone says bad things about her.
    she's such a lady!"

    Madonna's entire career featured her trashing people. She toned it down a long time ago though.

    I don't know what's up with Sandra, but Sandra was always a lesbian and out. Her character in "Roseanne" was even a lesbian, and that was back in 1990. She never hid who she was. Tabloids used to report that Madonna and Sandra were lovers 20 years ago. Sandra used to joke about it. Madonna's "shadow", Ingrid Casares, is Sandra's ex-girlfriend. Many blame that incident as to why they drifted apart. Sandra was into Kabbalah before Madonna interestingly, but didn't introduce Madonna to it. You'd think they'd have something in common there, and having children. Madonna distanced herself from all her gay friends thanks to Guy Ritchie. I don't think Sandra would have put up with that even if they were still on good terms. Bottom line: they would have fallen out over something in the end. Rosie O'Donnell is still Madonna's friend, and she's made fun of her numerous times, even mocking her English accent on awards shows.

    Gene is basically a Kardashian now. He's staging these public feuds for his reality show with his soft porn star wife, and it keeps backfiring. He's the one who's truly the has-been. Once you have to resort to reality television, your career is officially over.

  14. Gene Simmons probably forgot about the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. He and his KISS lip-synched the entire performance on that special - band and vocals played on a tape! Madonna fans, spread the word. Let's give him a reminder of his own career.