Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Honor of W.E., Madonna's 5 Best Moments on the Big Screen | Movieline


I love that MovieLine did a piece on Madonna's best movie moments but you may want to get your movie facts straight, Louis Virtel. She befuddles Mark Blum who played Gary Glass to perfection.

The rest of the list HERE


  1. how they left out Evita I will never know.. but i love this list! If only, someday, we can add Sunset Boulevard.

  2. I think Dick Tracy was the absolute highlight. She was stunning throughout the whole film. Her voice was gorgeous, and more Monroe than Marilyn Monroe. The film I've watched most of all is Desperately Seeking Susan. Just great. Evita I can take or leave. The one that upsets me most is Swept Away. Guy Ritchie made her look as bad as possible. Grounds for divorce right there.

    The thing about Madonna (I believe) is that she was almost too big a star for the movies. She was bigger than all over them.

  3. slide - TOTALLY!

    yes DLB. madonna is so big. she has many hit films. as many if not more than 'successful' actresses. the problem is her 'flops' are just as big as others successes. popular culture world knows shanghai surprise, swept away, whos that girl, the next best thing. nobody knows the last 5 films sharon stone has been in.

  4. I love Swept Away and The Next Best Thing. Saw TNBT twice in the theaters. The only bad part was the courtroom scene.

    Swept Away was set on an island where she got stranded, of course she wasn't going to look like a glamour queen lol

  5. I agree with many of the choices made by the author, but Evita should have been recognized. It's not my favorite (not really into musicals) but M did a fine job. I've always thought that people can't get past seeing MADONNA as anyone else, and on her part, she is sometimes not consciously willing to be anyone but Madonna.

  6. That's why I think she has such a hard time acting. She is too strong minded in her ways and she is always completely herself, which makes it hard for her to 'act' like anyone else.

  7. I still think Madonna in her own right is the Ultimate Movie Star.
    She has made some incredible films but media and sort didn't let her have it all. society cant deal with someone so successful especially a woman.

    I hope she still acts in years to come, I really do.

  8. @39b947 - totally!!! She brings so much to the table it intimidates people. for anyone to say she is untalented, it's pure bullshit!! SHE'S A CLASSICALLY TRAINED DANCER, she has a beautiful voice which many have imitated, she writes and produces carefully crafted pop hits, and though her acting has always leaned closely to her own persona, you could say the same for Julia Roberts or Jennifer Antison.