Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Indianapolis Star - Madonna and Super Bowl XLVI

Madonna and the Super Bowl are Front Page News in Indianapolis. This is the front page story of the Indianapolis Star sent by Shane. I dig that Madonna is the performer in 2012. I can't wait for all this new Madonna!

Controversy and anticipation are Madonna.

Read online HERE
Quebec Companies Team with Madonna for Super Bowl HERE


  1. Its kind of insane all the media attention super hole has produced! all good at the end of the day. Long live the queen of all!

  2. Everyone loves to hate on Madonna. She's courted controversy her entire career, so I guess it goes with the turf! The funny things is.. you know everyone and their GRANDMA is waiting with bated breath for her to show up in a cone bra on a stage filled with flaming crucifixes, grabbing her crotch singing Like A Virgin... they LOVE that blasphemous image of her!!!!!!! what they will actually get, however, will blow their minds and shatter their image of her forever... CFW!!!!!

  3. Nearly 30 years in and they still want to crush her! HA!

  4. Madonna will be brilliant at the NFL Big Game! Too bad the Ravens aren't playing or coming!