Thursday, January 12, 2012

Express Yourself

Express Yourself (1989) trends again today on twitter after crack pot monsters caught wind of Madonna's innocent quote on being asked what she thought of Born This Way. If you recall, Born This Way (2011) was Lady Gaga's rip off song that sent her into a mental breakdown shortly after it was released because all that was flying into her face was MADONNA and EXPRESS YOURSELF .

Lady Gaga losing it after the reaction of Born This Way was met with Madonna comparisons around the globe during her HBO special (2011) which failed to top Madonna's Blond Ambition's ratings from 1990.

Anyone who questions the relevancy of Madonna at this point just sounds ridiculous. So potent and powerful is she that every new female artist today gets compared her.



  1. lol flawless post.

  2. love it ..thank you..its about time she put that woman in her place

  3. What were the rating for her blonde ambition special?

  4. You need to make this into a tumblr post.

  5. What I love is how horrendous the song, BTW is, yet how amazing EY is.

    Also note that when Gaga won some award, she thanked Whitney Houston, of all people, for being the inspiration behind the song.

    This farckle needs to be set in her place.

  6. Oh my, Pud you are too kind to that Lady FUCKING piece of shit and her following monsters (so stupid to be called that). A monster-generation thats thinks they don't have to work or train for anything and call it their own due to accessible social media???
    Its horrible!!
    The ignorant attacks they make on Madonna and being so foolish to think this Lady Goober could even breath in pop culture without Madonna. I understand youth respects youth BUT this shit is beyond plagiarism, Its scary and these fucking kids who call them selves monsters and sit behind their device promoting such c (f really) level talent is actually quit sad. Lady Crap is fading,she can't dance, her costumes only go so far, she is not pretty but keeps her mug in front of us anyway, and her talent is limited. The only thing she can stir up is media tied in with the mention of Madonna name.
    I hope Madonna fans young and old will post a comment on any hateful posts on anything, tumblr, twitter FB etc..... The young need to learn.
    EY forever!


  7. no one can beat the power of express yourself. madonna was too kind by saying this. she should tell worse things but she is not dumb to to do this and she knows it.

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