Thursday, January 12, 2012

Madonna is a Drug: MDNA

MDNA - Madonna's 12th studio album title, revealed yesterday, is already causing a commotion among anti-drug groups for resembling MDMA - the Class A drug known as ecstasy.


  1. Madonna is our drug! I love how she can stir shit up. I kind of wished she would of waited to announce the meaning MDNA now take it away!

  2. I do love the title. And yes it reminds me the MDMA. But at the same time to me it's just cool word play! Nothing more! )))

  3. i had no idea what mdma is till i learned the new album's title.
    umm...i'm starting thinking she is way more genius than i thought LOL
    madonna DOES still have got it!!! QUEEN.

  4. oh! i forgot to mention:
    Interscope confirmed album title and release date for "Gimme all your Luvin'" on Twitter:
    Yes its true new #MADONNA album is M.D.N.A 1st single is "Gimme All Your Luvin' f. @NICKIMINAJ @M_I_A_ will go to US radio after superbowl (via madonnarama)
    february 7 maybe ???

    1. @INTERSCOPEPROMO is not legit. @interscope is the only verified account.

  5. MDNA is just a title, shorthand for her name! The morality police need to get off their high horse!