Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Fab Madonna Anderson Cooper clips

Control Room.

Don't forget to watch this Thursday! I'm obsessed with this leather dress.

on Working Out.

on recording with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj

on reading her own press.


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  2. I can only hope my queen look's this good at the super bowl. 5 dogs...what dogs ?

  3. the life we dont and will never know about!!!

  4. Pub I love your blog, I come everyday.

  5. the dress that farts on cue! Honestly I love the way she looks. Perfection.

  6. Anderson Cooper, one of the Great Cowardly Gays, how I loathe him.

    I love how Madonna sits, like a total Queen. Being regal is something you have, or you don't.

    Also, five dogs?? Since when?? I still shudder when I remember the awful fate of Chiquita and her brothers.

    I don't think Madonna works out an hour and a half a day, she must work out more. If I recall correctly, didn't she used to work out 4 hours a day? Can anyone confirm?

    1. Don't think it was ever 4 hours, more likely 2/3 afew years back, including going running. So why don't you believe her when she says she works out for 1-1/2 hours, she has no reason to lie, i hate when people say 'oh i bet that's not true'. it's all presumption..you don't live with the women so how can you say what she says isnt true. just enjoy the music. To much emphasis these days about what famous people do every f/kin day in life..facebook/twitter. ssssoooo glad she doesn't do that shit. Look at that twat gaga..i mean so many people follow that idiot on 'twitter' and does that generate album sales..i don't f/kin think so, judging by the sales of her last album. i'm more old-skool about the music industry, more music...less crap. But as always luvin the pud!!!<3

  7. Where is the video where she talks about her cheeks ? LOL !!!

  8. i thought she said 5 jobs, not dogs

  9. simply stunning, her face her posture her beauty her poise.
    A real start being interviewed. Can't wait to watch full interview thurs.

  10. * STAR!! Damn thumbs on iPhone