Tuesday, January 31, 2012

@Miramax is bringing Madonna's Truth or Dare to Blu-ray April 3! #Madonna

Madonna fans around the world, this is fabulous news. Miramax is releasing the ultimate rock documentary Truth or Dare on BluRay on April 3rd!

See the film She created of The Celebrity Obsessed World we're living in now.


  1. Any word on outtakes or extra footage??

  2. Very off topic, but I went to the JPG exhibit today at the Museum of art and was blown away! When it comes to your city, GO! So much M love and brilliance.

  3. I've been told it only includes the original trailer. So aggravating. I had the VHS which included Like a Prayer and Hanky Panky. Irritated.com

    1. get the bootleg if you can. It's horrible quality, but there are several scenes that were cut from the film.

  4. although this is a nice to have item.....the fans are still waiting for Blonde Ambition! Hello, anybody out there hear us???? And don't get me started on RIT!

    But this is a nice tie-in to the TOD fragrance launch. :)

  5. I'm so excited ! T and D blue ray party at my house! Heeeeey!