Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MTV Rough Cut - Full Interview

Interview with Josh Horowitz. Discusses W.E., directing, acting, her legacy and more!


  1. AMAZING us ALL again! She's got so much going on yet still has the time for these GREAT interviews! Remember kids - these are the best times...waking up every day with some new visual...a new fact about the album...LOVE THIS! Pud YOU must be in your glory HOLE!!!

    1. So true... these are the best times. And certainly Hard Candy didn't feel so amazing as this does... This feels RIGHT ;)

  2. Amazing!!!! Loves her... love this time been waiting for a long time...

  3. F... U MTV! I don't live in Narnia!!!!

  4. The Lady's Still Got It! Madonna Forever!

  5. I can't play a lot of things that only Euro people get, so I am glad this works for me in the US. :)

  6. did u all watch the full MTV interview? I loved it. She has so much going on. That mind is working way overtime and I love that shes delivering so much info to us.
    I did get a little sad when she said no more acting. :(
    Sidenote It's funny I don't recognize any of the new MTV interviewers.