Friday, January 20, 2012

Vision Quest (Full Length Film)

Crazy For You.

Here's the full length version of Vision Quest. Shot in Spokane, Washington in 1983 but released in 1985, this is Madonna's first cameo in a feature length motion picture. She is credited as Club Singer. Madonna performs Gambler and Crazy For You. She recorded a third song, Warning Signs, that wasn't included on the soundtrack because David Geffen didn't want 3 songs from an artist on the soundtrack who wasn't on his Geffen label. Crazy For You became Madonna's second number one single on the Hot 100 Billboard singles chart after Like a Virgin. The success of Madonna and this song prompted distributors in certain parts of Europe to rename the film Crazy For You.

Madonna on the set of Vision Quest in 1983.


  1. Young and zaftig. Unchiseled and raw. Love it.

  2. Crazy for You-What a beautiful and sad Madonna tune! The highlight of the Reinvention Tour, the excellent Country/Rock Ciccone ballad proved that Lady Madonna could actually sing beatifully-and have a good cry at that! Beautiful song. The first of her sad ballads and for Madonna, it would not be the last time. Madonna owes her entire existence to Crazy for You
    -We are crazy for her!

    1. she gave an incredible performance of that song on her who's that girl tour as well :)

    2. Xstatic? Who's that girl? WHAAAT? you mean VT or Reinvention?

      LOVE IT ALL! Gambler was our HS wrestling cheer song and still is for a lot HS still for wrestling believe or not. CFY was best live in Virgin Tour.


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    1. Scrappy come here. scrappy PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE.. Pud can give you my details


  4. I love this movie and have it on DVD, of course.

    I have made everyone I know watch it. :)

  5. I want to actually HEAR Warning Signs. It the elusive track that never seems to appear.