Friday, January 20, 2012

W.E. Opens Today in the UK

UK fans, go see it - it's wonderful. Every frame.

The whole world turned against her but she never backed down.

Darling, they can't hurt you, unless you let them.

Arianne Phillips on the fashion of W.E.

UK W.E. Trailer


  1. In my country it starts on Feb 2nd.
    I'm gonna live in cinemas )

  2. JM - ha totally. saw it twice already cant wait for it again! xo

    1. I have to make all my friends to watch it (and take all their money to Queen) )))

  3. I can not wait for the NY premier and US release. The people that have seen said it is so moving and really divine. Brit fans report without too much spoiling.

  4. Can't wait, gonna watch it tomorrow :)

  5. I saw it tonight. I thought all the period scenes with Wallis Simpson were fabulous. Every scene with Andrea Riseborough was electric. Give the woman an Oscar now please. The only scene which faltered was the one where Edward visits Wales and all the poor people have ridiculous filthy faces (straight out of Les Miserables, seriously?). The modern tale with sour-faced Wally wasn't so great. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the Russian security guard's apartment. I can dream of living in such a nice place and he's slumming it as a security guard? (people in the cinema were rolling their eyes at this point). Wally's trip to Paris didn't make sense either and seemed like an add-on, although it was obviously essential to telling the story. BUT, the Wallis scenes made up for it. She was just great. The unravelling of their lives was heartbreaking. If only the film had been split 80/20 Wallis/Wally as opposed to 50/50.

    Just my take. I think Madonna is amazing......... I just wanted more of Wallis.

  6. All of the bad reviews I am reading can only mean the film is good. Can't wait to see it!

  7. 39, they showed the movie in some theatres in USA few months ago, it wont be any release of it.