Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ageism and Madonna saying Fuck You. The Right Way.

Madonna at 34

Twenty years ago when she was 34 years old, Madonna was asked a question by Jonathan Ross, she answered that question and has forged forward remaining sexy and maintaining the exact level of fame and public interest she had when she arrived on the scene. We've seen a lot come and go, put on the poundage and lose their creativity and gifts altogether. Not Madonna. And that is what pisses people off.

She has no contemporary, living or dead. No one has compared to the magnitude of what Madonna has done and is doing. As Madonna has done many times in the past, she's the one breaking the barriers, will take all the slack, the heat, the negative press because she's the pioneer writing the blue print that others will try to follow.

Jonathan Ross: Do you think perhaps that you will be someone who will challenge this kind of taboo of women losing their sexuality or not being seen as sexual animals as much when they get past their forties?

Madonna: Not only do we suffer from racism and sexism, but we also suffer from ageism. And that is that once you reach a certain age, you're not allowed to be adventurous, you're not allowed to be sexual and I think that's rather hideous.

I mean a lot of people have said, "Oh, that's so pathetic, I hope she's not still doing that in 10 years", I mean, Who Cares? What if I am? I mean, Is there a rule? What are you just supposed to DIE when you're 40? That's basically what everybody wants people to do. I think it's stupid. Put yourself out to pasture? Why? Life is long...I don't get it.

Madonna at 53.

Watch the 1992 Jonathan Ross interview HERE.


  1. She never let getting old bother. Maybe that's whitney was found in the bathtub. I believe a lot of celebrities turn to percribition drugs because they become depressed about getting old.

  2. something weird going on with her hair on the other side.

  3. michael jackson, amy winehouse, whitney houston, elvis presley, marilyn monroe...the list is long.
    madonna never was a victim of her own publicity. the opposite. publicity is madonna's victim.

    people really love to feel sorry for the rich and famous when they lose the "right" way. they go like "oh they are rich and famous but their life sucks".

    madonna never let anyone or anything to destroy her. not even her own age! instead of being depressed about her age she is more busy than she ever was. and, yes, pud i agree with you. that is what pisses people off.

    ‎"would it sound better if i were a man? you're the one with the problem. why don't you just deal with it."

  4. OH WOW, i was just discussing this interview with a friend yesterday and saying what MADONNA had said about ageism.
    It's a sad world we live in (sometimes). I've stopped going to "sites" etc, where 'negative' shit is written about her. i just enjoy the 'icon' and screw what everybody else thinks. like what you like.......end of story. cheers pud <3 l.u.v.

  5. ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you have written above pud. Your point of view is always (for me) f/kin "BANG-ON"!! INTELLIGENT & INFORMED!!! fabulous xx

  6. Amen, Pud! You rock!

  7. She astounds me with her intelligence, grace and her ever forward-thinking viewpoint. As Naomi Wolf stated recently Madonna is "doing wonders for the collective female psyche". But I might add AND the collective gay male psyche as well!!!

  8. Almost Every negative comment is about her age. It's pathetic and M always saw this coming. It's ok for a "man" to age but a woman? NO. The funny/sad thing is that some women around her age are the one's complaining. Do they not see that they are accepting a slap in the face and and playing along in the bullshit game? Did they learn nothing?

  9. most of what she says becomes redundant when you consider she has revitalised her face through years of a surgery.

    by maintaining a youthful appearance to remain presentable in the pop world she too feeds into ageism.

    a bigger statement would have been to age naturally and still be a bitching 53 year old regardless.

    scratch the surface a little.

    1. there are a lot of celebrities who do surgeries on their face and body and they are not even in the pop scene.
      even women who have nothing to do with showbusiness at all.
      even people like us on facebook post retouched photos of themselves!!
      let alone madonna, the Queen of Pop.

    2. Very true. But at the same time, men work their faces as well to look younger. Not as prominent as women and that's the problem. Women in this age are not allowed to look their age in the showbiz. M always said that women of a certain age should not be put out to pasture. Said nothing of not "revitalizing" her appearance. Vanity is not Madonna made. It's a part of our silly society. She suffers from it as do most people. And I still think Madonna is a bitching 53 year old.

  10. HA we always use to quote her from this. SO ahead of her time and she is doing it!
    Madonna always the front runner barrier breaker and no one will appreciate until years after.

  11. I love Madonna!!! she is amazing!! I will always love her and so will the world , the age is not important because we are all going to get there.