Saturday, March 24, 2012

#Madonna Takes on Russian Orthodox Church over Gay Rights

The singer, proclaiming herself a "freedom fighter", vowed to challenge a new law in the city of St Petersburg which prohibits the "propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia among minors".

Read entire article here Telegraph


  1. I hope Madonna won't chicken out because the homophobic fascists governor of Saint Petersburg needs to learn that lesson.
    I wonder why other celebs all over the world keep silence on this matter.

  2. I'm always a little aware of any cause Madonna seems to follow, Bullying 2005, NSPCC 1999, Raising Malawi 2008, Homophobia 2012, All in years when films or albums are released, The only cause i know shes devoted to is with the aids virus and she hasn't been too vocal on that since 1992, I hope she sticks to her guns on this too, Just goes to show how lucky we are to live in a society where most people accept everyone for who they are and who they choose to love, (within reason)