Saturday, March 24, 2012

#Madonna Too Hot for YouTube with #GirlGoneWild Video

She's been banned from MTV 3 times and now it seems even the internet can't take Madonna. The New York Post reports today that Madonna's new video, Girl Gone Wild is too hot for YouTube.

The Uncensored Video of Girl Gone Wild:

Flashback to Justify My Love.

Steamy bed scenes, Gay and Lesbian snuggling, S&M clothes sense and briefly bared female breasts.


  1. lol I wish some of the guys in the video were hot. Can't believe their the world's top male models. Eek.

    Bring back Marcus Schenkenberg, please.

    1. She should have had Tony Ward in this video, Now that would have been SEXY

  2. it's not really an accomplishment. it's easy to be sexy.

    1. it's easy to take off your clothes; not to be sexy.
      sex appeal has nothing to do with nudity or a beautiful face and a beautiful body.
      it's so much more..