Thursday, February 14, 2013

#Madonna The Fabulous Vintage 5 Dollar Thrift Store Dress 1985-1991

Madonna told Jane Pauley on her Today Show interview in 1987 that she found this vintage floral 1950's dress at the thrift store in the San Fernando Valley next to the place she rehearsed for her Virgin Tour.  Of course, she had to have it taken in. 

Clockwise: wearing it in Rolling Stone 1985, leaving the Muse Cafe in Los Angeles 1991, Today Show with Jane Pauley 1987 and while hosting Saturday Night Live 1985.


  1. Isn't this awesome? She kept the same motherfucking dress for more than 6 years [I know it sounds retarded, but for a star of her magnitude, I think this is great]. L-U-V Madonna.

  2. She has so much style it's ridiculous! Haven't we all had our favorite pieces that we would hate to only wear once? I used to love these little pop shots from Star magazine back in the day before the internet! That is how you would get a glimpse of a her new style.

  3. See this is what makes Pudwack great. It's those little instances where Madonna would wear a dress more than once, He did this with the floral red/pink dress Madonna wore from the late 70's and into the 80's - you know the one Jennifer Grey borrowed? I totally agree with you Steven on those pop shots in Star Magazine back in the day. Why were we so intrigued by a silly dress? She has the fashion sense to wear high end clothing and then she'd wear a dress like this to photo shoots and then out to dinner. Same thing with the Borderline hat. I'd pay $$$Thousands$$$ just to own it.
    Just Stunning! Love THIS montage - "The Blue Dress" ....

    1. I was thinking exactly the same when I saw this piece.

      Pud I hope this is possibly a sign that you are back with a vengeance. You have been too quiet for my liking in the last load of months...


  4. Wouldn't it be a rush if one day THIS YEAR she's spotted wearing THIS or the Floral dress!

  5. A great look... except in the Jane Pauley interview. When it looked like she was auditioning to be in the Golden Girls. Maybe it was the Betty White hair-do that made it so bad. But great apart from that...

  6. Wow! Never noticed this was the same dress!

    That was the first question (where's that dress from?) Jane Pauley asked her in 1987!!! And we only found that out a few years ago when the full never-broadcast version of the interview ended up online.

  7. Love you Madge! PRETTY DRESS! GREAT LOOK!

  8. Awesome again Pudd! Your eye is amazing.