Friday, July 16, 2010

Dinner With Madonna - Complete

When the Dinner With Madonna segment originally aired on MTV in 1991, it was fantastic and in black and white. Here's the entire interview in color. Promoting her Truth or Dare documentary, Madonna discuses everything from the Oscars, the Blond Ambition Tour, the documentary film, Catholicism, family, friends, gays, ACT UP, outing, Camille Paglia, feminism, and more.

I broke it up in 2 parts. Thanks to the wonderful Club78boy.

Enjoy. xo

part 1

part 2


  1. Wow! I think this was one of the first Madonna interview I ever saw, back in 1993 when MTV Europe did a 'Madonna Girlie Weekend'.

    One of my favourites, she's so relaxed, thoughful and interesting, not giving soundbytes like she does these days.

    One of the ads from the new D&G ad campaign reminds me of this interview, the sheer dress and hair are similar. Beautiful!

  2. Just watched the whole thing and it was amazing. She was never bigger, better or more magical. Beyond superstardom!

  3. Ha, I love the end... "SOMEBODY IS MAKING SO MUCH FUCKING NOISE!!!" Legend!

  4. She looks ugly here. Like Lady Gaga...omg that nose!


  5. @Glasgowboy - so true.

    Between this interview and the Forrest Sawyer/Nightline/JML interview she never shined brighter in an interview.

  6. Her nose? She has one of the most perfect noses on any female entertainer out there. Lady Gaga?? lol. I think you need to get your sizes checked.

  7. LOVE madonna in the 90s! her best era!

  8. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the file! There will be lots more to come at Breathless Madonna! :)

  9. She is so tacky. Really. Kitsch would be a word more appropriate for her.

  10. At least she isn't a worthless piece of shit like you dot dot dot LOL. Tome for the food break, you need to devour some poor animal and feed on it's blood LOL.

  11. One of my favorite interviews. Never seen it in color though, how cool!

    Thanks for the upload.

    I worshipped her back then.

  12. Holy shit, I just realized this is the unedited version of the interview and a raw file. F-ing incredible. Gotta hop back on Breathless Madonna and look at the new uploads. Incredible!!! Thanks for posting!

  13. Ok, that was WONDERFUL...all the extra parts we didn't get to see.

    The ending was hysterical, where she talks about someone making "so much fucking noise over there"---LMAO!!!

    My other favorite parts:

    1. Her expanding on the Moira filming/situation in Truth or Dare.
    2. Revealing that Bella Abzug had attended her show in 1990---who would've thunk?
    3. Talking about the Playboy scandal, and admitting that she thought her career may have been over when those shots came out.
    4. Talking about Hollywood culture.
    5. Expanding a bit more on her "Catholic guilt".

    Really wonderful-thx so much!