Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liz Rosenberg Interview - Wales

Reporter George Satsidis talks to Liz Rosenberg in Wales.


  1. Wow! What a rare gem!

    We never see proper interviews with Liz like this - that was BRILLIANT!

    And y'know what - I saw Liz myself that day in 2008 - she came out from the Stadium in Wales in the afternoon as we were walking past on our way to join the queue! She was wearing those boppers on her head but I don't remember the wings LOL!

    Thanks for posting! :-) :-) :-)

  2. thanks for posting, ive never seen this.

    that reporter was awfully handsome...

  3. Great little interview. She seems like a lot of fun.

    The clips reminded me how great the Confessions finale was.

  4. im from greece and i remember this interview, even though i dont like this reporter (actually he's not a journalist, he's just a handsome guy who knows perfect english and have many connections in the showbiz in greece). she said here that madonna is very direct, loyal and funny. that she works out like an olympic athlete, that she feels the love of the audience and she gives it back to them, that she had rehearsals for the sticky&sweet tour for 3 monts (over 600 hours)and that when she visits a country fo the fisrt time she wants to do her best for the audience, to show that it was worth the wait. she seems to be a really nice lady and of course she's one of queen's closest friends :)

  5. m-tv - LIZ!!!! great, isnt it?

    david, my pleasure - we love liz!

    dont - xo

    sk - thanks!!! xo

  6. This truely is a gem of a video. Respect to the great and wonderous Liz.