Monday, August 30, 2010

When Madonna Hit Miami

Finally, after all the rain and all the preparation, Madonna hit the stage. The performance was dazzling. With Madonna shining through it all. - Mark Goodman MTV

I sat in front of MTV the entire weekend when Madonna's Who's That Girl Tour hit Miami. I remember when the audio started for Causing a Commotion, it went dead...i thought it was my TV and after all the waiting, I was like, "Not Now!". Haha! Best performance of Causing a Commotion ever. xo


  1. wow, too bad for Level 42. lol. i've never even heard of them.

  2. david - haha!

    angel - totally - the best! xo

  3. I too was about 13 yrs & sat in front of the TV the entire weekend...I was on vacation with my grandparents in S. Florida & they denied me the chance to go see the show live because it was "too far" (even though as an adult I realize it was about 1 20 min highway trip to Miami) I too thought WHY did the sound decide to cut out at that moment when it was suppose to work..the next day I had to hear a story from my cousin who actually went to the show and was in the front row....ahh memories