Monday, June 27, 2011

24 years ago Tonight! Who's That Girl Tour in Miami

Madonna kicked off the North American leg of her Who's That Girl Tour in Miami, Florida in front of 70,000 fans with MTV news and cameras all about. I stayed at home and recorded all the footage from MTV - it was fantastic. The Miami version of Causing a Commotion is still my favorite version of all time. She was all rained on and buff, androgynous and fabulous. The song hadn't been released yet. She kicked ass in that Florida heat even with all them Horrida bugs flying around her and shyt. Fantastique!!!

MTV news report.

The greatest Causing a Commotion of all time. Even if the footage is jack'd up.

Open Your Heart - so clear and wonderful - shot for the MTV broadcast.


  1. I love this version of open your heart! You see her from the other side of the curtain. She makes such a great spin move too! I wish I was old enough to see this tour live.

  2. btw, has anyone heard the audio from her concert in Leeds? Its a complication of sound bites of her talking to the crowd. She is worried about everyone's safety, because people were being crushed. She also talks about how the crowd was mostly men. Its quite interesting! Its somewhere on youtube.

  3. oh that Open Your Heart video is amazing.

  4. of all her Tour personas, this is my least fave... the cottonball hair, the energetic cheerleader choreography, the gold lamé mobster suit... it all felt kinda Vegas. and the stage was very cold and industrial, lacking in personality. TVT and BAT feel like Madonna to me... this tour was a 'Who's That Girl' commercial on wheels.

  5. Causing A Commotion is really something.Her energy is unbelievable,and her moves so calculated and 'tight'.They should've used this video as an official one.So much better than the Ciao Italy one.And I love her with the shorter hair,it suits the Gorgeous muscle body.The voice too is better here.

  6. No no no no no Slide!!! :-)

    This was Madonna in 1987 - this was who she was. I lived it and I can still smell it when I watch these videos. When she went on this tour it was just the most incredible time for people who loved her. Everything about this was just MADONNA IN 1987. MEGA MEGA MEGA STAR!!!!! PERFECTION!!!!!!!

    This tour is for me her best!

  7. This tour was state of the art at the time. The biggest production ever brought to the stage (for a rock show). Today it may seem lame to people, but at the time it was huge. The only bad thing i have to say about the WTG tour is her voice. A lot of her singing was saved by N and D. But it was a magical night that I will never forget.

  8. This is my favorite tour! I had ciao italia. And I watched the tape every day when I was 9. The video tape was a big deal for me because I'm Italian. I bought the dvd about a year ago. Yes, her voice wasn't good and her dancing wasn't a good as BAT. It was her first stadium tour and she was still perfecting her craft.

    The reason why I loved this tour so much as a kid was because it was the only time she sang these song live during the true blue era. She was such a megastar at the time, that she didn't need to perform her songs on any talk shows, like many artist do now.

  9. This was my first Madonna Concert! FRONT ROW AGE 15! AMAZING!
    her body was sculpted like an ivory roman statue her raw rock voice ( she sang every song) her dance moves mixed with her modern dance training!
    I think she had modeled this tour off a bit of MJ as she was destined to become POP GODESS ROYALTY! HER ASS IS AMAZING IN THIS TOUR> like the ass that has never sat down round and perky!

  10. I remember when I first came across this video on Madonna-TV. I almost died.

    Awesome to see it here again on Pud's site. It was such an exciting time to be a Madonna fan. It was her first world tour, and the first time she was acknowledged on such a huge, worldwide scale by the media.

    A magical time in Madonna's career.